Time Series by Caroline B. Cooney

It’s been my month to discover the young adult novels of Caroline B. Cooney.

First I read a historical fiction novel, Goddess of Yesterday set in ancient Greece. Good solid story.

Then, I read Fatality, a thriller about family secrets and suspected murder. I really liked it, too.

Next, I picked up all four of the books in a series about time travel; a girl, Annie Lockwood, from the 1990’s travels back a hundred years to the 1890’s and experiences romance, but also confusion and betrayal. The four books in the series are:

Both Sides of Time by Caroline B. Cooney.

Out of Time by Caroline B. Cooney.

Prisoner of Time by Caroline B. Cooney.

For All Time by Caroline B. Cooney.

Even though I thought some of the period details and the characterization of the 1890’s as a time period were a bit simplistic, reading the first book was addictive. I had to read the other three to find out what would happen to Annie and to her 1890’s beau, Hiram Stratton, Jr.

The second book in the series takes the reader into both a mental institution and a tuberculosis sanatarium of the late nineteenth century. Reading this story of a young man confined in an insane asylum by his evil, rich father complemented the factual information that I gained from reading this book, also earlier this month. I love it when my reading dovetails that way.

O.K., the series is YA romantic froth, but froth goes well with hot chocolate and cold January evenings. I went back to the library a few days after reading these books and picked up another very different series of four novels by the same author.

BY the way, speaking of time travel, Cindy asked the other day if I was looking forward to the season premiere of LOST. Yes, we’ve being re-watching all the episodes from the beginning to prepare ourselves for the fourth season. And, yes, I know it’s nerdy, but we enjoyed it. I’ll probably post this week, before Thursday, on what I’ve learned by re-immersing myself in LOST. However, the short version is: not much and I’m still confused.

2 thoughts on “Time Series by Caroline B. Cooney

  1. Aragem

    I’m reading the same Time series now, but I am still on the first book. Annie seems a bit immature to me, but then again, she is a teenager who wants things she can’t or shouldn’t have.

    Strat’s attitude annoyed me, the MINE MINE MINE thing irritated me and I kept waiting for Annie to put him in his place.

  2. This book is very effective to us.I like this book.

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