Leepike Ridge by N.D. Wilson

Leepike Ridge was a book that my mom wanted me to read. She said that I needed to broaden my taste in books. I didn’t read it, and my mom decided that she would read it to us at night. I went along with it, and one night, we had finished reading and the end of the chapter left me in suspense. I picked up the book and started to read, and I learned that it was a very good book. Here is the basic story:

In this book, there is a boy named Tom Hammond. He lived in a house on top of a huge rock. His dad was dead, but his mother was still alive. It all starts out with a new refrigerator. He was catching crawdads in the stream next to his house. He ran to where the delivery men are grunting and heaving the heavy box up the stairs. When the delivery men were done with their job, he took the box and packing foam and brought it down the stairs to the woods. He threw the box and it hit a rock; he threw the packing foam and it fell in a tree. He knockeed it down and threw it again and started to play with it, as though he were in the army. He left it on the bank and went back home. There was his mom’s boyfriend, Jeffrey. Tom didn’t like Jeffrey, and when his mom said that he was staying for supper… Tom was close to blowing. After supper, his mom told Jeffrey about how Tom was playing with a box, and that it sounded like when he played with his army men. “I do not, play with army men.” Tom said and about one minute later, he stormed out of the house. He stood for a moment, and started to climb up the house and onto the roof. He stood on the chimney, and looked down. A couple of minutes later, his mom came out and called him, he didn’t answer. Oh, well, I don’t want to give the whole story away, so I am going to leave you there!

Sherry’s review of Leepike Ridge.

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