Poetry Friday

I’ve been both ill and busy, and I forgot all about Poetry Friday–which is supposed to be HERE today! Have you ever invited people over and then forgotten that they are coming? That’s how I’m feeling–an embarrassed hostess!

However, I could use some poetry today. So leave your link in the linky and we’ll forget all about the dilatory and unprepared hostess.

1. New Hampshire Rock Garden
2. Becky Shillington (Charleston Nights)
3. Florian Cafe
4. Michelle H. Barnes (Inside the Mind’s Eye)
5. Robyn Hood Black (Margarita Engle interview)
6. Father Goose (The Couplet as Metaphor)
7. Jeff@NCTeacherStuff (Horizon)
8. Margaret at Reflection on the Teche (The Lake)
9. Catherine Johnson (Two Left Feet)
10. Keri Collins Lewis (Tabatha’s tritina & more)
11. Irene Latham (Poems about pocket treasures)
12. Random Noodling (The Last Laugh)
13. Tabatha (Still)
14. Kurious Kitty (Cocoon)
15. Kurious K (the wild mind)
16. Teacher Dance (The Vacation)
17. Elizabeth Steinglass (Sunflower)
18. Mary Lee Hahn (The Speed of Time)
19. Joy Acey (Modern Haiku)
20. Tabatha Yeatts (Still)
21. Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) – “The Couplet as Metaphor”
22. Linda (I Will Remember You)
23. Little Willow (from Hamlet by Shakespeare)
24. Violet N (Bullied Abecedarium)
25. The Poem Farm (Building and Visitors!)
26. Joy Acey (Gravitational Force)
27. Catherine (A Splot, Buildings, and a Windmill)
28. Karen Edmisten (Midsummer, Robert Fitzgerald)
29. Anastasia @ Poet!Poet! (Hacked)
30. Donna (Mainely Write – Remember when I made that cake…)
31. Cathy (A New Me)
32. Carol (Harrowing)
33. Janet Squires (A Fire in my Hands)
34. Betsy (Sun Night Light)
35. Iphigene @ GatheringBooks (A Widow’s Reply)
36. Fats @ GatheringBooks (Grave of the Fireflies)
37. Holly Thompson

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Matt Forest at Radio Rythm and Rhyme very kindly put up a post with links when he saw that I was AWOL, so you can leave links here or there–or both places. The more poetry, the better.

'BETH'S POETRY TRAIL No 7.  PHILIP LARKIN' photo (c) 2012, summonedbyfells - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

I found this poem picture at Wylio, my contribution to the party.

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17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday”

  1. Sorry you’ve been ill, Sherry. Thanks for ‘now’ co-hosting. I see that I double-linked-put mine in before I saw you’d already done it. You certainly may remove one of them. I love your found poem, always love those words about books & libraries!

  2. Sherry,
    Sorry you’ve been ill. Just leave your vaccuum clener out and people will think you’ve been cleaning for our arrival.
    If Amy is sending chicken soup, I wish I could bring some warm cornbread for you to go with it. Hope you are feeling better soon. I’m working on spine poems today. I have one written down and one up–which ever way gravity takes you.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for hosting, Sherry! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill!! I’m sending a full share of the relaxation and rejuvenation I felt at the writing retreat from which I’ve just arrived home. Thank you for snagging up my link, and thanks also to Matt for covering for you/us. As I wrote in his comments — that’s what I love about the Poetry Friday Community…we are a community, and we take care of each other!

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