About Me and Review Policy

Hi! If you’re reading this page, you’re really curious (killed that cat dead, you know), or else you’re looking for some specific information. So, here are all the vital stats, up front:

Sherry Early
Email: sherryDOTearlyATgmailDOTcom
Twitter: @semicolonblog
Location: Houston, Texas
Statistics: approximately 300+ unique visitors each day
Posting frequency: average of one post per day, about three or four book reviews per week

Sherry Early is the author and instigator of Semicolon, a blog about kids and books and homeschooling and communities and sometimes movies and politics and fun links and whatever else I want to write about on any particular day. Semicolon is a work of love and joy, and when it ceases to be both fun and useful to me and to other people, I’ll quit writing. I am an evangelical Christian and completely unapologetic about it.

I am also a 56 year old homeschooling mom of eight children. Five of the children are no longer children and have graduated from my homeschool. One of the remaining four is attending a public high school. The other two are still being homeschooled. I am still being homeschooled. Engineer Husband is still being homeschooled.

I have a self-published book called Picture Book Preschool. You can read more about that resource for moms of preschoolers and kindergartners by clicking on the picture of the cute little girl in the sidebar. (That’s Z-baby, my youngest. Isn’t she a doll?)

I like to read. I read whatever comes my way, including, but not limited to, adult fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, nonfiction history and biography, Christian inspirational fiction, young adult fiction, fantasy and science fiction, children’s fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, cereal boxes, other people’s blogs, magazines, brochures, and picture books. When I’m desperate I read the notes on the bulletin board and the advertising signs on the wall of whatever establishment I’m stuck inside without reading material.

Finally, my review policy:

1. I like to read (see above). The only things I don’t read are p0rn, straight formula romance novels, and horror/nasty bump-in-the-night stuff. I would prefer that you send me an email pitch to ask if I would like to review your book, and let me request it if I am interested. That way both of us win. You don’t go to the trouble and expense of sending me books that I won’t read or won’t like, and I don’t have to try to find someone who would like your book or find another guiltless way to get it out of my house which is already overflowing with books. I do not sell ARC’s or review copies of books. I might donate them or give them away to a friend or acquaintance. I usually keep them, hoping that my urchins or other people will enjoy them someday. This policy only partially explains why my house is overflowing with books (good insulation).

2. I don’t usually do blog tours or giveaways. You can ask, and I might make an exception. If I do not respond to your review request, I am either not interested or not able to review your book at this time.

3. I prefer to read actual books, ARC’s or finished copies. I will read a pdf file IF I’m really excited about a book, but usually I would have a hard time making myself sit and read an entire book in front of the computer. I hope to buy an iPad someday, but that’s waaaaaay in the future, when Apple gets the kinks worked out and I get some money.

4. My reviews may not be exactly what you are used to seeing. Not that I’m that creative—I just like to write about what I’m thinking or what connections I made in reading the book or what I found memorable. I don’t rate books on a scale because that’s just not something I can do. How do you compare Les Miserables with Alice in Wonderland and give one more stars than the other?

5. I do not guarantee to review all books that are sent to me, although if I request the book, I’ll probably review it (unless I hate it). I don’t review books that I hate unless they’re written by someone like Dan Brown or John Grisham who wouldn’t care what I said no matter how harsh it was. I do sometimes review books that I only liked a little or about which I had mixed feelings. Then, I try to be fair and give both pros and cons.

6. Thank you for considering Semicolon as a reviewer for your books. I believe that book bloggers are good for the publishing industry and for authors, and I know that publishing and good writing feed my book addiction. My hope is that we can scratch each other’s backs and enjoy the world of books together.