Abortion: A Justice Issue

From now until the 18th of January, I’m keeping this video at the top of the blog. I believe abortion is an issue of justice: justice for the unborn and justice for those mothers who are made to feel that getting an abortion is the easy way out, instead of being shown how they can choose life for their unborn child.

How dare they come to my hometown and build The Second Biggest Abortuary in the WORLD! Planned Parenthood is certainly not building this death trap in hopes of turning it into an adoption and prenatal care center. No, as Abby Johnson, who until recently worked for Planned Parenthood, has said, “One of their goals was to make money, and the way they make money is to increase the number of abortions.”

Houston (USA), we have a problem.

5 thoughts on “Abortion: A Justice Issue

  1. When I lived in London there was a bus stop on the corner of my street – right in front of what I learned was an abortion clinic. It used to break my heart to watch young women getting off the bus and going inside. It was even worse to watch women come out of the clinic (usually alone) and sit down to wait for a bus. I lived on the street for about six months before I figured out what was going on inside (I’m naive sometimes). It still bothers me to think about what was going on just 100 yards from my flat for the years I lived there.

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  3. wow. That was powerful.

  4. adele young

    If you can’t see the evil of abortion on the basis of religion than certainly as a justice issue you have to believe that the the motives on the part of Planned Parenthood are certainly race based in large part given its history and current methods of operation. On that basis alone one can easily back any effort to stop this atrocity. Planned Parenthood in effect is trying to reduce if not eliminate large segments of our society….by murdering totally defenseless, innocent persons.
    We must not allow this to happen…with or without our federal tax dollars. Stop the current proposed health legislation in our Congress which funds and supports this heineous crime of injustice against the weakest members of our society. Contact your legislators and let them know how wrong this proposed legislation if passed into law would be.

  5. With such a topic, I’m surprised you don’t have more comments.

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