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I like this idea: free music. You just have to watch a short ad, and the company whose ad you view pays for the song. Essentially, they’re paying you to watch, and I think that’s fair and beneficial for all concerned.

40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2009. Can you believe people actually said these things in public? Seriously? As I said before, it was the year of sublimely ridiculous.

Mother Reader is sponsoring the Kidlitosphere Comment Challenge, January 8 -28. It’s a good opportunity to increase your participation in the blog world and give and receive some comment encouragement.

And Elizabeth Bird at Fuse#8, the same blogger who brought us the incredible Top 100 Picture Books Poll last year, is doing it again. Only this time she’s taking votes for the Best 100 Children’s FIctional Chapter books of all time. You get to vote for your top ten, and Ms. Bird will compile the results into a list of the Top 100, to be revealed on her blog starting in February. Votes must be in by January 31st, so start thinking about your list now and as soon as you get it compiled, send it to Betsy.

Wisdom from The Common Room: “There is just something about working on some shared project that somehow loosens the tongue and the thoughts and oils the gears of communication.”
This bit of homespun advice is something I need to remember, both in fostering communication with the young adult members of my family and in advising them in their relationshops.

Here’s a weird LOST promo picture. I’m honestly not sure what to make of it. Why are there 13 “disciples”?

Toddler Shakespeare (HT to Kathryn at Suitable for Mixed Company):

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  1. My husband found that video a while back. It cracks me up. Maybe every kid should learn Shakespeare??

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