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Debra blogs about learning life lessons at the supermarket. It’s the simple things that God asks us to do that are the hardest sometimes, like putting away the shopping cart at the grocery store, like dunking seven times in the Jordan. Debra’s also writing about the colleges she’s attended. Well, you know how the Sixth Sense kid saw dead people everywhere? I see colleges everywhere. I told her she sounds like a homeschooler.

Now according to Joanne Jacobs, the teacher unions want us to boycott Walmart. The question is: do they want us to quit Walmart-ing because of their allegedly discriminatory business practices or because the Walton family has given lots of money to private schools and school voucher advocates?

Ambra Nykol tells the guys How Not to Get a Wife.
Sample of Nykola’s contrarian advice: 6. Have hair that is both prettier, and longer than the average woman. This is not a Pantene Pro-V commercial. This goes out to all the Yannis and the Snoop Doggs of the world. Very few men can pull off long hair.

This calendar of the Christian year looks cool. Maybe someone will get me one for Christmas, hint, hint.

I understand why some blogs don’t allow comments. It’s a pain to keep up with the spam and the trolls. However, I really like comments, and now Jonathan Witt at Wittingshire gives in to popular demand and allows Dr. Falduh A. Rall to guest-blog a dissenting Darwinist view. Read it now; I don’t think Dr. Rall will be back anytime soon. He’s already starting to repeat himself.

Good advice from Face at the A-Team Blog. “Let’s train, build up, and promote each other. We need to suppress our egos (not always an easy task!) and place the importance of spreading the message above our own fame and influence. Let’s welcome the magnification of God’s truth from whichever source it comes and lose ourselves for God’s purposes as he weaves all of our small voices into one large, complex, textured tapestry declaring His glory from all directions.” Read the whole post.

Hey, my kids know this homeschooled director/filmmaker. They met in an online class for homeschoolers, and they met in person for bowling and Dairy Queen about a year ago. Way to go, Julie! (I read abou this movie making venture first at HE & OS.)

Question of the Day blog This blogger gives out a question a day to get your brain going. Samples:
If you could carve your name in stone anywhere in America, where would you do it?
What is your favorite gadget?
What is your favorite day of the year?
What is something that you forgot once, but will never forget again?

You can answer in the comments section or in your own blog. What a creative idea! How do people come up with this stuff? Rodney Olsen at The Journey put me onto this one.

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  1. Oh! I love the question of the day site!

    That could prove to be a very helpful site on those days I feel…blocked.

    Thank you!

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