Another Reason to Oppose the Health Care Bill

As if it weren’t bad enough with the mandated abortion coverage and the cuts in Medicare, there’s a huge disincentive for couples to get married. Maybe couples will get married and then hide their marriage from the government so that they won’t have to pay a whopping extra $10,000 per year in insurance premiums.

2 thoughts on “Another Reason to Oppose the Health Care Bill

  1. Veritas

    Thanks to the stunning ignorance of people like you and the cowardly Congressional representatives you elect there will probably be no true health care reform in this country. Good luck with that when a future medical crisis wipes out your family financially.

    Jesus, save me from your followers.

  2. Rosten

    To the commentor above:
    Are you saying that the information in the post is false, or simply that something like this is fine as long as there is Health Care Reform?
    If the former then I would have appreciated reliable information to the contrary rather than a sarcastic insult. I haven’t had the chance to do any research myself yet, to see if this was simply an error, or whether it’s actually something that’s in the bill.
    If the latter… well, then I think you’re crazy for thinking that such a thing should be allowed.

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