Giving Books from All Around the Blogosphere

Twas about two weeks before Christmas and all through the blogosphere, bloggers were recommending books for holiday gifts:
Semicolon Suggested Audiobooks for Kids.
For Tween Adventure Seekers
For Tween Romantics
For Tween Dystopian Fiction Readers
For Tween Mythology BuffsTween Fiction/Nonfiction Pairs
For Tween Sports Fanatics
Nine series for nine year old boys.
Books for wannabe architects, engineers, veterinarians, doctors, dancers, artists, writers and entrepreneurs.
Tween Graphic Novels
For Tween Baseball fans.
Mother Reader’s 105 Ways to Give a Book.
Semicolon’s Addendum to the Mother Reader list.
Books for eight and twelve year old girls.
Survival stories for adults and teens.
Ten Books on Scientific subjects for the scientist in our midst.
Picture Books for little boys.
More picture books for little boys.
Poetic Gift Giving.
For Teenage Drama Queens.
For Young Musicians.
Books for Boys, old and young
More books for Twilight fans
Children’s books paired with movies.
Nonfiction picture books.
For spirited and precocious kindergartners.
Classic books and movies for boys.
Books for teenaged girls.
Books for people with pets.
For little dancers.
Cool cookbooks for kids.
Horrible horror books.
For Christian readers
Buying poems for the holidays.
Crime fiction.
Books about books for booklovers.
Bookish gifts from Etsy.
Semicolon’s 100 68 Best Fiction Books of all Time.

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