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Here are a few links to some autumnal posts, pages and resources here at Semicolon as we celebrate my favorite season:

October: Celebrations, Links and Birthdays

100 Pumpkins: A Celebration of All Things Pumpkin-ish

The Apple Collection: A collection of posts about apples from 2007.

In November 2006, I celebrated the Pecan, noblest of all nuts, and so yummy!

Welcome Autumn; a collection of fall favorites.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Links

  1. Just wanted to pop on and say I love the poster and the new look! So very autumnal!

  2. Nominated you for a blog award – check out my page today. Yeah!

  3. I love your new seasonal background.

  4. Dear Sherry,

    I didn’t find any contact information so I just decided to put a comment here at the end of your nice autumn links post.

    I just spent the last several minutes looking around your blog specifically because it’s in large part a book blog. I’ve enjoyed looking around! I also did a search specifically for “Germany” and saw, for example, that you are interested in WW2, the Holocaust, etc., which brings me to…

    My blog niche is German History (as you’ll see if you click the link to my blog.) One of my memes is “Book of the Week”. This month, I’ve challenged myself to be a guest blogger at least one time somewhere in this great expanse of the internet. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in getting a book review from me as a guest post in your blog. The post would be fully ready of course — you’d just need to drop it in, so to speak. Of course have a look at my work to date to see if you think I’m appropriate to you and your readers. And of course you’d have the opportunity (obviously!) to reject the actual review itself once you see it.

    Anyway, give it some thought. If you are interested in contacting me, you can send an e-mail to me with my first name and the at sign and (Sorry for being obscure about the e-mail address … you know how it is.)

    I’m pleased to have stopped by and had a look at your very nice blog!

    Best wishes,
    Bill Dawson

    P.S. you can jump straight to examples of my “Book of the Week” entries by going to

  5. John T. Jeffery

    Could you identify the title and artist for the picture on the top right of your blog page? This would be the one of the woodland scene below large trees viewing the sunlight further down the trail. Thank you!

    I really enjoyed the Top 100 Hymns!

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