Semicolon’s Old, New and Ongoing Projects, Part 2

I want to do some things that are ongoing and are an expression of the reading and other pursuits that I love. I’m going to try to fold the projects in my previous post into this blogging plan:

Sunday’s Hymn: See #9 in the post below. After I finish the Top 100 Hymns Project, I’m going to feature one hymn per week on Sundays. Because I love hymns.

Sunday Salon: More about this later in the post. Basically, I have an idea about incorporating some of my ongoing monthly projects into my Sunday Salon post each week.

Nonfiction Mondays: I’ve wanted to join in on this event for a while, and I have quite a few nonfiction books to review and share. Some will be books that we’re using for our Texas study at my homeschool co-op. Others will be review copies of books I’ve received from publishers.

Advanced Reading Survey: On Mondays I’m also going to revisit the books I read for a course in college called Advanced Reading Survey taught by the eminent scholar and lovable professor, Dr. Huff. I’m not going to re-read all the books and poems I read for that course, probably more than fifty, but I am going to post to Semicolon the entries in the reading journal that I was required to keep for that class because I think that my entries on these works of literature may be of interest to readers here and because I’m afraid that the thirty year old spiral notebook in which I wrote these entries may fall apart ere long. I may offer my more mature perspective on the books, too, if I remember enough about them to do so. I started doing this about a year ago and then forgot to keep it up; the spiral notebook isn’t getting any less worn nor less likely to disintegrate.

Texas Tuesday: This weekly feature is new; I just invented it. Since we’re studying Texas history and literature at co-op this year, and since I’m a proud, native Texan, I want to spotlight books set in the great state of Texas and books by Texas authors.

Wednesday Whatever: another new feature invented by me. I may or may not use this weekly meme as inspiration, but I plan to work on my writing on Wedsnesdays, write about whatever is niggling (wiggling?) down there in my bottomless pit of mind or whatever comes to the surface or . . . well, the metaphors could use some work as a starter. Warning: I may write about books, or politics, or homeschooling, or parenting, or church, or anything else I’m interested in. Take it or leave it. Comments are welcome.

Read Aloud Thursday: I’ve also wanted to share about some of our read aloud books, and I think I’ve found a good way to do that. Interviews with the urchins about what we’ve been reading kill two birds with one stone: narration for them and book blogging for me.

Picture Book Preschool Book of the Week: Also on Thursdays I hope to feature a classic picture book from my curriculum book, Picture Book Preschool. I used to do this feature, too, but I quit for some reason.

Poetry (and Fine Art) Friday:I’ve participated off and on, but I really want to get our poetry memorization going again. So I’ll be writing about what the kids and I are memorizing as well as about some of my favorite poems each Friday. And I may include a work of fine art to go with the poem if I can find one.

Saturday Review of Books: The Saturday Review will continue as usual, but I hope a lot of you bloggers who have participated in BBAW will discover the Saturday Review and begin to link your reviews there. The more, the merrier.

Sabbath Bible Reading Report: On Saturday evening, report on my Biblical explorations for the week. I hope the Holy Spirit will give me something worthwhile to say if I’ll do my part and actually read and meditate.

The Sunday Salon.comSunday Salon Plan:
First Sunday of the month: Post my list of books read in the previous month, and write about my favorites.

Second Sunday of the month: Operation Clean House kicks into gear. I will post before and after pictures of one area of the house that I’ve managed to clean, and as a reward to myself and to you for looking, I’ll also post a picture of a favorite shelf of books in my house and highlight some of the Good Books on that shelf. SInce I have approximately 250 shelves of books in my house and more areas that need to be cleaned than that, this project should last my lifetime if I choose to continue it that long.

Third Sunday of the month: Post about my progress for the month on The Newbery Project or the Pulitzer Project or my U.S. Presidents Project.

Fourth Sunday of the month: Write about the Semicolon Book Club selection for the month, and give a teaser for next month’s book.

Fifth Sunday on the month: Fifth Sundays are reserved for Wild, Wacky, and Not Fitting Into Any Plan At All. I love making plans and organizing stuff, but then I usually enjoy breaking out of my pre-planned stodginess to do the next thing that will later become part of a new plan.

In between all that, I’ll post random book reviews and news notes. I also hope to participate again in the Cybils as a panelist or judge, so there should be lots of reviews of children’s books of some kind in the next few months. Then, in December I’ll post some more Christmas quotations from favorite books. And April is Poetry Month.

Wow! I love blogging and planning and reading and having ideas and grand schemes and proposals. If you’d like to join me in any of the above, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’ll try my best to include you and link to you and all that stuff.

Oh, yes, and does anyone know how to teach me, Ms. Graphics-Challenged, how to make those button/picture doodads like the ones above for Read Aloud Thursday and Sunday Salon? I don’t have any idea how people come up with thingies like that, but I’d like to make some for some of these weekly features that I’m planning.

Writen by Sherry

I'm a Christian, the homeschooling mom of eight (yes, all mine) children, married to a NASA engineer, and a confirmed bookaholic. I like old books, conservative politics, and new and interesting ideas. My hair is grey, my favorite clothes are red, and I love purple. Come on in and enjoy the blog. Be sure to tell me what you think before you leave.

7 thoughts on “Semicolon’s Old, New and Ongoing Projects, Part 2

  1. Looks like you have a lot of cool stuff going on in your blog. I love that you’ve organized your Sunday Salon posts in such a way. Ingenious!

  2. Let me guess – you’re a planner aren’t you? I feel somewhat inspired. I’m just not sure I woudl be able to stick to any schedule I set for myself! Unless I said something like, “Whatever Anyday” then I’d probably be ok.

    At any rate – I’m looking forward to all that you have planned!

  3. 250 shelves of books in your house?! That is so awesome! Just the other day, a coworker said: “Oh, you’re still buying books – I just go to the library.” I have to buy books – I love to look at them, touch them, and see them on display with other books – the colors running together just make me happy! I’m still apartment living right now at 25 yrs old, but one day ‘when I grow up’ I want to have a house with a huge library!

  4. Sounds great, Sherry! I can’t wait!

    I, too, would LOVE to learn enough about html to make my own buttons, etc. I need one for a new challenge that’s been swirling around in my brain!

  5. I encourage your “Tuesday Texas” idea. If you like, check my websites starting with the “Texas Parlor.” I’m a retired Texana librarian.

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