LOST Rehash: Because You Left and The Lie

I just got through three hours of LOST, and to tell the truth, as Hurley insists we should always do, I’m a little bit disappointed. The season premiere at any rate seems to be all about action and adventure and chases and people getting shot, not much character development and no interesting relationship stuff. I’m NOT talking about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle, just relationships and friendships and even enmities. There wasn’t anything new about the people themselves.

Hurley doesn’t trust Ben. Hurley’s mom believes in him. Sun doesn’t like Ben, and she blames him for Jin’s death. Sayid and Ben have had a falling out. Locke’s not really dead, or else he’s going to come back to life on the island. Faraday has a mother, probably the white-haired lady whose name I don’t remember. Widmore’s evil, which is no surprise to anyone.

There was some graphic violence and general nastiness, but no “wow!” moments when I thought “Man! That blows my mind!” I’m glad Faraday is becoming a key player on the island, that he’s the only one who has any idea what’s going on. I don’t like the idea that Locke is so special that he, and only he can save the island (save the world?). I don’t like Locke, never have.


Where did the flaming arrows come from? Dharma people? Or someone else?

Why didn’t Desmond remember meeting Faraday before outside the hatch? Way before at Oxford?

Where are Claire and her dad while the island is moving around in time?

What’s with the compass that Richard gave Locke?

Walt’s special. Locke’s special. Desmond’s special. Ben’s special. How many “special” people are there?

What was Faraday doing under the Orchid Station with the Dharma people?

What’s this thing Miles has with dead people —and dead boars? And Miles corrects Sawyer’s nicknames?

I’m still in for the duration, but I hope they get some interesting character development in the mix because I don’t want to spend the entire season watching people run around the dark jungle and getting flashed through time and Jack and the rest of the Oceanic Six chasing each other and trying to form a posse.

If you posted about LOST, whether you got more out of it or less, leave a comment, and I’ll link.

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I loved linking to everyone’s LOST posts, but I think next week I’ll put up a linky for everyone to sign in and link.

7 thoughts on “LOST Rehash: Because You Left and The Lie

  1. Didn’t post about Lost, but I was wondering the same thing about Walt and the other “special” people.

    And what’s with Hurley and seeing dead people?

  2. I guess I’m disagreeing here b/c I really enjoyed the episode. Yes, not a great deal of character development but I’m sure that’s coming. I’m just liking how the timing of events is making it so that everyone will want to go back to the island for different reasons.

    In reply to Kim’s comment, Hurley’s on that list of special people too (remember the cabin?) so of course he can see dead people.

    And the whole “special” thing doesn’t bother me, b/c they’ve been building up the connections between all the passengers on the plane for so long – those people were “meant” to be there.

    I can’t wait for next week!

  3. I hear you on the diappointment—I was NOT disappointed but last night’s premiere did not have any mind-blowing moments. It was more of just a “yes, you were right, we’re time traveling. and here’s what’s about to happen…”.

    The compass…remember when Richard visited boy-Locke? He showed him several items and one was the compass. Now, the reasoning behind it? No idea.

    I’m hoping Faraday (and the Losties) will be infiltrating past-Dharma-ville in the next few episodes and that first scene was a picture of that!

    Here’s my recap:

  4. Thanks for all the links! What fun!!

  5. I thought both episodes were great!

  6. Amy

    Great links!! I will link up next week too:-)

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