7 Quick Takes Friday: Living and Learning

Jennifer at Conversion Diary sponsors 7 Quick Takes Friday. If you’re in the mood for some trivia about the quotidian pursuits of ordinary people, which after all is what life is made of, check it out.


I like the word “quotidian”. I first saw it at someone’s blog. I think one of the reasons I blog is so that I can use words that I find and like, and no one will look at me with a puzzled expression and a “who are you trying to impress” attitude. I’m not trying to impress anyone; I just like words.


I’m still reading Cybils nominees. I would like to review all of the books, over 80, I’ve read for the Cybils, but I know that it’s not going to happen. THis morning at homeschool co-op, I was reading Chancy of the Maury River by Gigi Amateau. I’m not really a horse person, but this book reminds me of Black Beauty. I think horse-loving girls would love it.


Another book for horse lovers is last year’s Paint the Wind (Semicolon review here). Those two books together would make a great gift for some horsey young lady. All my friends in junior high loved horses, and they were all going to grow up to be veterinarians —except for me. I don’t even do small pets, let alone horses.


Mostly we learned about snow this week. We saw, we experienced, we froze. I’m still freezing, and it’s supposed to be up to 68 degrees today.


We also did a little math this week, read a little history, made this fudge (thanks to Brenda and Rachel). Our learning week has been somewhat desultory (another nice word), but relaxing.


I had planned to make several crafty-type Christmas gifts with the girls from this list, but we made exactly one of them so far, the play dough. I should already know that I’m just not the crafty type, except in the sly sense of the word. Maybe this next week will be craft week at Semicolon house.


Tomorrow Artist Daughter and Engineer Husband have their piano recital. I’ll miss the sounds of their practicing their pieces at random times of the day, but I’ll be glad to have the recital done. Christmas music playing here when someone isn’t playing the piano: Sufjan Stevens and Kemper Crabb.

See you all tomorrow at the Saturday Review of Books.

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