Booklist Time Again

Tullian Tchividjian’s Top 40 Books on Christ and Culture. This list is mostly, maybe all, nonfiction, and I’ve read very few of the books on the list. But I probably should read some of them.

Carissa Smith: Top 5 Books on Religion in the South. I should definitely read these.

Dr. Veith is looking for a good book, and he gets lots of great recommendations that we can all borrow.

The Guardian’s Index of Top Ten Lists.

10 Books You Skipped in College (But Shouldn’t Have) by Amy Letinsky. Not a bad list, but I would substitute The Odyssey for one of the twentieth century selections.

The U.S. Presidents Reading Project has a list of all of the U.S. presidents and suggested reading selections (non-fiction) for each one. The challenge is to read one biography of each one. I wish.

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