You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn

Book #5 in Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge.

In the wake of her druggie cousin Laura’s suicide, overweight, depressed, liberal, sarcastic, under-achiever, seventeen year old Miles loses herself in drugs and self-pity. It’s not a pretty ride, but after 189 pages of self-indulgent pity party, Miles goes into rehab counseling and becomes the editor of the school newspaper. All’s well that ends well.

Note to self: Do not read anymore books by Rachel Cohn. In my defense, I had forgotten when I picked this book out that Ms. Cohn also co-wrote Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, one of my least favorite books of all time.

If you hate Jane Austen, prefer to “absorb the bleakness of Burroughs or Bukowski, or even the sophisticated, mean-spirited wit of Dorothy Parker, rather than choke down the false promises of Austen and her descendants,” then You Know Where To Find Me is the book for you. You know where to find it.

6 thoughts on “You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn

  1. Great Blog!!

    So many different and interesting things to read. It will take me a while to read all of it. Thank you.

    I am a children’s writer myself, so you might like to take a look at my books for kids, and the rest of the stuff on my pages. I am a long-time SCBWI member, and offer a Manuscript Critique Service + many pages of helpful writing advice for newcomers to children’s writing. “Musings,” my writing column, appears monthly in The Purple Crayon.

    I will return and read more.

    Margot Finke –
    An Aussie writer living in Oregon USA.

  2. I love the way you put this! That last paragraph is just too wonderful.

  3. Shoot, can’t I enjoy both Jane Austen and Dorothy Parker?

  4. Sure you can, Sandy. I do. But if you’re exclusively a Dorothy Parker sort of gal, Rachel Cohn is the ticket for you.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t like this book. Have you read the Cupcake trilogy? Or, for younger readers, The Steps?

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