Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

And now for something completely different . . . I finished reading this Wodehouse comedy. Here are some quotes to cheer you up, if you need cheering.
I have always found that in moments of heart-bowed-downness there is nothing that calms the bruised spirit like a good go at the soap and water. I don’t say I actually sang in the tub, but there were times when it was a mere spin of the coin whether I would do so or not.

It was the old, old story, I supposed. A man’s brain whizzes along for years exceeding the speed limit, and then something suddenly goes wrong with the steering-gear and it skids and comes a smeller in the ditch.

I was trying to think who you reminded me of. Somebody who went about strewing ruin and desolation and breaking up homes which, until he came along, had been happy and peaceful. Attila is the man. It’s amazing. . . . To look at you one would think you were just an ordinary sort of amiable idiot–certifiable, perhaps, but quite harmless. Yet, in reality, you are a worse scourge than the Black Death. I tell you, Bertie, when I contemplate you I seem to come up against all the underlying sorrow and horror of life with such a thud that I feel as if I had walked into a lamp post.

And since I can’t leave you there, in the company of death and gloom and Attila the Hun, here’s one more:
To say that Bertram was now definitely nonplussed would be but to state the simple truth. I could make nothing of this. I had left Brinkley Court a stricken home, with hearts bleeding wherever you looked, and I had returned to find it a sort of earthly paradise. It baffled me.

And there you are, nonplussed and baffled.

2 thoughts on “Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

  1. Haha, that one is great. It was actually the first Wodehouse I read. _Code of the Woosters_ was also cool, because–to mention one reason–we learn the much-mentioned history of a certain cow creamer. His stuff is just great. Have you read any of his short stories from the Drones Club?

  2. Thanks, you just helped me on my English project 🙂

    But yes, Wodehouse writes amazing books, I’m reading my way through all of them haha

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