What I’ve Been Reading Online

I still read a lot of books, over one hundred so far this year. However, I must admit that I read a lot of interesting and thought-provoking posts and articles on the internet, too. I believe I can do both. I try to take care that it doesn’t get out of balance, not too much internet reading, and not all my reading confined to books that are by their nature not up to the moment in their commentary.

Anyway, here are links to few things I’ve read on the internet lately that you might find of value:

Isn’t the Green Ember Like Watership Down? by S.D. Smith at The Rabbit Room. “When I finally read Watership Down, I discovered I had built a lego hut in the shadow of the Taj Mahal.” Surely, one can appreciate both books for what they are. As Madeline L’Engle liked to say, “Comparisons are odious.”

Love Faith, and Devotion: The Inspiration of Frances Chesterton, an article about G.K. Chesterton’s wife by Nancy Carpentier Brown, author of the biography The Woman Who Was Chesterton.

What Tolkien Can Teach Us About Love and Family by Mark Judge at Acculturated. “What sustains Frodo on his journey to Mordor is love, his love of his home, the Shire, his love of his friends, and of his Uncle Bilbo.”

Reviews of books I want to read:
The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch by Chris Barton, reviewed at Fuse #8.
The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz, reviewed by Abby the Librarian.
7 Women and the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas, reviewed by Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me.

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