The Chesterbelloc

Joseph Hilaire Pierre Ren? Belloc was born July 27, 1870. (I love these long names I sometimes find for familiar authors. Why do most people nowadays only have three, or even just two, names?) Interestingly enough in light of my previous post and its comments, Belloc was a devout Catholic and for a while, a Fabian, friend to both G.B. Shaw and G.K. Chesterton. As the three men debated Fabianism and socialism and Distributism in the press, GBS wrote a famous essay in which he called his two friends “the Chesterbelloc,” implying that Belloc did the thinking for the pair and led Chesterton astray. Later in their lives, Belloc and Shaw had little to do with each other, but Shaw and Chesterton remained “friendly enemies” all their lives.
Belloc funquote:
When I am dead, I hope it is said, ‘His sins were scarlet, but his books were read’.

Belloc on education:
As between the Family and the State, Catholic doctrine is fixed. The family is the unit. The parent is the natural authority (auctoritas auctoris). The State is secondary to the family, and especially in the matter of forming a child’s character by education. Now here the State of today flatly contradicts Catholic doctrine. It says to the parent, “What you will for your child must yield to what I will. If our wills are coincident, well and good. If not, yours must suffer. I am master.” At least, so the State speaks to the poorer parent; to the richer it is more polite.

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