Caddy Ever After by Hilary McKay

I’ve decided after four books that I really love the Casson family. They’re totally bonkers, as the British would say, but I enjoy them anyway. Probably it’s the bonkers part that makes them fun. Anyway, I described the family and the first three books here.

Caddy Ever After, the latest installment in the Casson family saga, is only tangentially about Caddy, Cadmium Casson. Caddy is hardly mentioned until page 152, but all the things that happen to various family members in the first part of the book are leading up to the grand finale which does involve Caddy’s wedding. So I guess the book could be about Caddy, sort of. I’d suggest reading the first three books in this series, Saffy’s Angel, Indigo’s Star, and Permanent Rose, before you read Caddy Ever After because it took me that many books to suspend disbelief long enough to believe in the Cassons. Now I’m a believer.

The point of view in this book changes from Rose to Indigo to Saffy to Caddy and back to Rose, but Permanent Rose lives up to her name and supervises everything. She’s a permanent fixture in the Casson family books and as the series has continued, Rose has stepped up to center stage. She’s the one who makes things happen, good and bad, and she reminds me a bit of my fourth child, Organizer Daughter. Except Organizer Daughter would never be as uninhibited as Rose is because she (OD) has two uptight parents instead of just one.

Enough psychoanalysis, enjoy these books for the humor, and don’t try most of the stunts the Cassons get away with at home. Or maybe we should try a few Cassonities before things get too dull around here. (I just noticed that in the paperback edition of this book, Caddy’s half face is on the other side, the spine side, of the cover. How odd!)

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  1. julia

    hi my name is julia i have this book but it is a cartoon version of the front cover i love this book but i just cant seem to find a reflection on it anywhere!!!

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