Potato Cannon

Engineer Husband and Karate Kid just got back from Home Depot where they went, not to buy any necessary items for our home, but rather to purchase the materials needed to construct a potato cannon. Now I grew up in a home with one and only one sister. Potato cannons were not an element that figured into my childhood. I’m trying to imagine what you shoot the potatoes at. Squirrels? Fences? People? What kind of velocity are we talking about here? Raising boys–even though we only have two of them–is an educational experience in and of itself, especially with Engineer Husband. I should tell one of his fireworks stories on the blog sometime.

2 thoughts on “Potato Cannon

  1. The last time I visited my ILs, my 16 y/o bil showed me the Spud Launcher he and his cousin made last summer. Oh, my! Like you, I had no clue this was part of the boyhood culture. I told him I was expecting him to bring it on our next family reunion to show our boys. . .

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