Picture Book Preschool: The Winner Is . . .

The winner, chosen by a scientific drawing from a red baseball cap, is Deborah, commenter number 77. Deborah wins a copy of the preschool curriculum book, Picture Book Preschool, a book that lists over 365 classic picture books that you can read with your child.

Thanks to everybody for entering my contest and to Shannon for sponsoring the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. If you didn’t win and would like to purchase your own copy of Picture Book Preschool, it’s available for only $12.99 at Cafe Press.

I also have a great deal for a limited time. As I go around to used book sales and garage sales and bookstores, I collect used copies in good condition of the the books listed in Picture Book Preschool. I now have enough to offer two people a set of 52 of the books listed plus the curriculum book itself, Picture Book Preschool, for the price of $149.00. These sets of gently used picture books plus the curriculum book won’t last long since I only have two.

Thanks again for playing. I hope everybody wins something today.

Hey, I won a set of personalized note cards from Sheryl at Potter Place. Check out her store for early Christmas gifts and other goodies.

3 thoughts on “Picture Book Preschool: The Winner Is . . .

  1. This was a wonderful idea! I know I’ll be paying more attention to your particular curriculum in the next few years. Is there a website that would give me more information about it?

  2. Pam Cain

    I want to buy your book but I’m in Australia. Can you tell me what to do?

    Also, do you have a list of all books used?



  3. Heather

    HI I was wondering if there is any other way to pay for the picturebook prek than credit card? I would really like to purchase it, but can’t use a credit card.

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