Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

Angels, nephilim, winged demons, kidnapping, creepy.

A not-too-compelling entry in the Christian horror-dystopia-weird creatures genre.

I dunno. If you like stories about supernatural creatures but want to keep your reading theologically borderline sound and sexually pure (those vampire/zombie stories get nasty sometimes), then this debut novel from Thomas Nelson Publishers might fit the bill. I found the idea of nephilim who are half angel/half human a bit hard to swallow. It’s based on Genesis 6, the story of how “the sons of God” married “the daughters of men” and had children who were “giants.”

The nephilim in Spirit Fighter are not giants, and they’re not all half angel, but rather some are only one quarter angel. Jonah and his sister Eliza find out that their mother is a nepilim, the daughter of a human mother and a fallen angel, at the same time that they find out that Mom has been kidnapped by fallen angels. The evil demons believe that Jonah’s mom will “come over to the dark side” and be very powerful in defeating the plans of Elohim, as they call God, because of her nephilim heritage.

Guided by a guardian angel and empowered with special gifts as a result of their own 1/4 angel heritage, Jonah and Eliza go to New York to rescue mom. This book is the first in the Son of Angels: Jonah Stone series.

Tagline: “Your mom always said you were an angel, what if she was right?”

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