Ten Things I Love that Begin With “C”

I got this meme from Stefanie at So Many Books who assigned me the letter “C”.

1. Computer Guru Son, whose real name actually begins with “C”, too. He’s not a thing, but he is a talented and loving son. And I do love the man he is becoming.

2. C.S. Lewis. His books. All of them.

3. Cashews. I got some for Christmas; my urchins ate a lot of them. I want some more.

4. Christmas. I had a beautiful, family Christmas. I hope you did, too.

5. Cartography. A beautiful map is rather a delightful thing, don’t you think?

6. Connections. I like Madeleine L”Engle’s books partly because they’re all interconnected. Characters from an early novel show up in later novels. I like finding connections between authors and characters in books and bloggers and people in my life. I like it when one person I know from one place shows up somewhere else.

7. Community. I like books about community. I like writing about Community. I would like to figure out exactly how a community is formed and sustained, how members of a community can nurture one another without suffocating individuality.

8. Calligraphy. I don’t do it. I don’t do anything artistic. But I do enjoy the look of letters and words artistically spilled across a page.

9. Cherry Coke and chocolate. I shouldn’t, but I do.

10. Christ.

If you’d like a letter, leave a comment, and I’ll pick one for you.

30 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love that Begin With “C”

  1. Fun, Sherry! I’d love a letter when you have the time. Thanks!

  2. Sure, Dawn, your letter is R—drawn at random from my handy-dandy Scrabble bag of letters.

  3. Sure, give me a letter too.

  4. Oops, that sounded kind of abrupt. Give me a letter too, PLEASE.



  5. This sounds like fun – I’d like a letter, too, please, when you have time.

  6. Ruth—S
    Laura D.—Y

    That’s what I drew. If Y’s too much of a challenge, you can ask for a re-draw.

  7. Yes, please. Sounds like a good exercise!

  8. Anne gets the letter D for Delight. What delights you?

  9. I think Y will be fine – I’ll really have to put some thought into it!

  10. All great loves! Nicely done!

  11. Somebody gave me the letter J a couple of weeks ago. I still need to do that post. Thanks for reminding me. I love maps, chocolate, coke, chocolate and Christmas too.

  12. Sounds like fun. I’ll take a letter please. 🙂

  13. Love2learn Mom, your letter is H. I’m going to enjoy reading all the favorites things lists.

  14. OK, I did my list. Now I’m going to go read everybody else’s.

  15. Monica, you have the letter N.

  16. Okay, I got mine done and I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks, Sherry!

  17. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

    I’d love a letter, if you have any left!

  18. Great answers Sherry! I love cashews too. And cashew butter. Have you ever had it? Sooo good. And I’m with you on the cartography too.

  19. I’m not a coffee driker, but your letter, Peregrina, is O.

  20. That was a lot of fun to read Sherry. You have my mouth watering for cashews and cherry coke.

  21. I would love to play along…if you are still handing out letters :o)

  22. Of course, Miz Donna. Your letter is L.

  23. Me, too, please!

    Thanks, Sherry, and Happy New Year…

  24. Becky, Happy New Year to you, too. Your letter is M.

  25. I’m game! But please don’t be too hard on me. My brain is a bit fried these days. 🙂

  26. Linda, how about the letter F?

  27. Thanks, Sherry. My list is up.

  28. Dee

    I’d love a letter, too please!

  29. Dee, your letter is W.

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