Ten Things I Love that Begin With “C”

I got this meme from Stefanie at So Many Books who assigned me the letter “C”.

1. Computer Guru Son, whose real name actually begins with “C”, too. He’s not a thing, but he is a talented and loving son. And I do love the man he is becoming.

2. C.S. Lewis. His books. All of them.

3. Cashews. I got some for Christmas; my urchins ate a lot of them. I want some more.

4. Christmas. I had a beautiful, family Christmas. I hope you did, too.

5. Cartography. A beautiful map is rather a delightful thing, don’t you think?

6. Connections. I like Madeleine L”Engle’s books partly because they’re all interconnected. Characters from an early novel show up in later novels. I like finding connections between authors and characters in books and bloggers and people in my life. I like it when one person I know from one place shows up somewhere else.

7. Community. I like books about community. I like writing about Community. I would like to figure out exactly how a community is formed and sustained, how members of a community can nurture one another without suffocating individuality.

8. Calligraphy. I don’t do it. I don’t do anything artistic. But I do enjoy the look of letters and words artistically spilled across a page.

9. Cherry Coke and chocolate. I shouldn’t, but I do.

10. Christ.

If you’d like a letter, leave a comment, and I’ll pick one for you.

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30 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love that Begin With “C””

  1. Ruth—S
    Laura D.—Y

    That’s what I drew. If Y’s too much of a challenge, you can ask for a re-draw.

  2. Somebody gave me the letter J a couple of weeks ago. I still need to do that post. Thanks for reminding me. I love maps, chocolate, coke, chocolate and Christmas too.

  3. Great answers Sherry! I love cashews too. And cashew butter. Have you ever had it? Sooo good. And I’m with you on the cartography too.

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