Saturday Review of Books: February 5, 2011

“Show me the books he loves and I shall know/The man far better than through mortal friends.”~S. Weir Mitchell

SatReviewbuttonIf you’re not familiar with and linking to and perusing the Saturday Review of Books here at Semicolon, you’re missing out. Here’s how it usually works. Find a review on your blog posted sometime during the previous week of a book you were reading or a book you’ve read. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can just write your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Then on Saturday, you post a link here at Semicolon in Mr. Linky to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

After linking to your own reviews, you can spend as long as you want reading the reviews of other bloggers for the week and adding to your wishlist of books to read. That’s how my own TBR list has become completely unmanageable and the reason I can’t join any reading challenges. I have my own personal challenge that never ends.

1. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive (Waiting for Columbus)
2. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive (Blood Brother)
3. Bonnie (The Productive Writer)
4. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Forge)
5. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Read Aloud Thursday–reptiles & amphibians)
6. the Ink Slinger (Deception)
7. 1morechapter (Crooked Letter Crooked Letter)
8. 1morechapter (Small Island)
9. 1morechapter (Heaven is for Real)
10. Cindy Swanson@Cindy’s Book Club (Million Dollar Mysteries)
11. Beth (Raising a Modern Day Knight)
12. Beth@Weavings (Chains)
13. Reading to Know (I’m Outnumbered)
14. Reading to Know (Fairest)
15. IndieReaderHouston (The Last Brother)
16. Collateral Bloggage (Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane)
17. yvonne – fiction books
18. Margaret -The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
19. melydia (Expiation)
20. melydia (The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)
21. Alice@Supratentorial(History of the Medieval World)
22. Upside Down B (What is Left the Daughter)
23. Blood Over Badge by Wayne Farquhar
24. Dante’s Inferno by Sarah Lovett
25. Dana(EveryChildShouldHaveAChance)
26. Inquirer (Bread Givers)
27. Inquirer (January Revisited)
28. Upside Down B (Tinkers)
29. Beckie@ByTheBook (The Gabon Virus)
30. Beckie@ByTheBook (An Unlikely Blessing)
31. Beckie@ByTheBook (Sisterhood of The Queen Mamas)
32. Heather @ Books For Breakfast (Seasons)
33. Heather @ Books For Breakfast (The Blueberry Pie Elf)
34. Two Kid Schoolhouse (The Cellist of Sarajevo)
35. Janie (Jules Verne: His Life)
36. Nina (Mother Goose Remembers)
37. Hope(Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Teddy Roosevelt)
38. Girl Detective (Zero History)
39. Girl Detective (Spook Country)
40. Girl Detective (Food in Books)
41. Megan @ Leafing Through Life (The Knife of Never Letting Go)
42. Melinda (Choosing to SEE)
43. Lazygal (Flip)
44. Lazygal (Lost in Shangri-La)
45. Lazygal (Across the Universe)
46. Lazygal (Wolfsbane)
47. Bart’s Bookshelf (Angry Young Man)
48. Bart’s Bookshelf (Sum: Tales from the Afterlives)
49. S. Krishna (The Art of Devotion)
50. S. Krishna (Haunting Jasmine)
51. S. Krishna (Caribou Island)
52. S. Krishna (These Things Hidden)
53. S. Krishna (Storyteller of Marrakesh)
54. S. Krishna (The Disappearing Spoon)
55. Melissa @ The Betty and Boo Chronicles (Let the Great World Spin)
56. Melissa @ The Betty and Boo Chronicles (The Girl Who Chased the Moon)
57. blacklin (The Penelopiad)
58. The Introverted Reader (Alice at Heart)
59. Melody @ Fingers & Prose (The Road)
60. Melody @ Fingers & Prose (Safe From the Sea)
61. The Introverted Reader (Into Thin Air)
62. Sarah @ A Library is a Hospital for the Mind (Mini Shopaholic)
63. Sarah @ A Library is a Hospital for the Mind (Angela Thirkell)
64. Maureen E (Paladin of Souls)
65. Maureen E (January books)
66. Maureen E (Fever Crumb)
67. Collateral Bloggage (Fountains of the Deep)
68. Sarah Reads Too Much (The Lover’s Dictionary)
69. Sarah Reads Too Much (The Adv. of Huck Finn)
70. Robin (Forsaken by Shadow)
71. Mindy Withrow (Peter Geye’s SAFE FROM THE SEA)
72. Discarded Image (Evangelical Disenchantment)
73. JHS (Hush: GIVEAWAY)
74. Gretchen (Zeitoun)
75. The Worm Hole (Lex Trent Fighting With Fire)
76. Mrs. Butcher: Umbrella Summer
77. Benjie @ Book ‘Em Benj-O (The Affair of the Wooden Boy)
78. Benjie @ Book ‘Em Benj-O (How Good Is Good Enough?)
79. Amy (Stone Butch Blues)
80. Amy (Faith and Politics in Nigeria)
81. Gina @ Bookscount ( A slower lower love)
82. Diary of an Eccentric (Darcy and Fitzwilliam)
83. Diary of an Eccentric (Big Nate Strikes Again)
84. LL -What The Dog Saw

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Review of Books: February 5, 2011

  1. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for continuing to host this great meme.

    I hope that your Houston Bloggers Meet, is successful and that loads of people turn up. We meet so many great ‘virtual’ friends through the blogging medium, that it would be fantastic to meet and talk with some of them in person.

  2. B

    Morning, Sherry! I’ve been reading your blog and posting links for the Saturday review for a while now. Thanks so much for continuing on…. Love your header, by the way! Have a wonderful day… hope you are staying warm down there in Houston. My parents are in Central Louisiana and are without power I believe.

    B (in NC)

  3. My book review highlights a living author who celebrated her 113th birthday this past week!

  4. Love this meme. Look forward to it all week!

  5. Good morning! Hope you have a good weekend with lots of book-time!

  6. Good morning, readers! I finished a William Gibson trilogy, and really enjoyed them, but the books also made me very aware of how food can make me hungry or annoyed, depending on how well the author incorporates it, so I linked to that, too. Happy reading, everyone!

  7. Thanks again for letting us list our reviews here. It’s great to see what others have been reading and reviewing.

  8. Especially if you love mysteries, please head over to my post today! It’s a review of a terrific mystery series you may have never heard about.

  9. Ack! I linked to my main page. I added another Linky with the correct URL (this is for Fountains of the Deep, BTW).

  10. Thank you for hosting! I think I posted my new review on last weeks page by mistake… delete it if it is a duplicate.

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