Sunday Salon: 20 Examples That Feed My Fascinations

The Sunday Salon.comLast week, I gave you a list of 52 things that fascinate me. This week I’m going to list some specific examples of the stuff that fascinates and gives joy and makes me think.

1. Crayola Monologues: I found this video in a list at First Things.

2. Carol at Magistra Mater recommends five five-star books. Carol’s entire blog is fascinating. She says, “My goal is to make my home a light, a sanctuary, a dwelling filled with the aroma of good things, a place where friends and family can flourish.” Carol reads and writes and makes bread and best of all, she thinks. Lovely.

3. What if the problem of evil isn’t a problem at all? by Christopher Benson at Mere Orthodoxy This brief article speaks to my fascination with God’s providence and with apologetics in general. What if evil in the world provides the only context from which we can talk about the goodness and mercy of God?

4. I already tweeted this link, and probably everyone has seen it. But since I am a fan of all things Lewisian, here’s a link to the first trailer for the new Narnia movie, due out in December, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If they don’t showcase the meaning of Eustace’s dragon transformation and his healing, I’m out of patience with these movie interpreters of Lewis’s wonderful stories.

5. Carrie hosts The Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge at Reading to Know. This challenge supports my love of all things Lewisian.

6. Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me shares her list of things she loves, a Bliss List. She loves Celtic Women, and John Denver and teacups and reading on rainy days. So do I.

7. Some others are calling their similar lists Book Hooks, a list of things, people, places, ideas that catch their interest and make them want to read more.
Word Lily likes books about spies and detectives, other cultures and languages, and convents/cloistered life, among other things.
Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness likes reimagined fairy tales and multiple narrators.
Ms Bookish has 20 hooks that will make her pick up a book, including bookstores and “a Cinderella angle.”
Stella Matutina loves New Orleans and the French Revolution.
Melissa at Book Nut: A few things that fascinate me.
Carol’s fascination list at Magistramater includes clerical life, conversions, and names. Me, too.
Do you have a list of fascinations, or book hooks, or a bliss list? Please share.

8. Heidi at SImple Homeschool lists picture books that take you around the world. I love exploring other cultures and places, and I like picture books. I’m working on a sequel to Picture Book Preschool, called Picture Book Around the World. I keep collecting titles, but I’m not finding the persistence and self-discipline to finish this project. Anyone want to give me a kick in the pants? Or more suggestions for picture books that explore other lands?

9. The 2010 Bad Poetry Contest at Chip’s Blog. These are some seriously BAD poems. I don’t know how the judges managed to choose the worst of the worst.

10. To feed my Shakespearean muse (and to get the bad poetry taste off of my palate), I turn to this brand new version of Hamlet starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart.

11. “Mpower Pictures (“The Stoning of Soraya M.”) and Beloved Pictures are teaming to co-produce C.S. Lewis’ fantasy novel The Great Divorce. Veteran producer and Mpower CEO Steve McEveety will lead the production team. Childrens’ book author N.D. Wilson (Leepike Ridge, 100 Cupboards) is attached to write.” I told you I’m a C.S. Lewis fan, and I’m rather impressed with Mr. Wilson’s oeuvre so far, too.

12. This project ties in to my love of community and outside-the-box, but I have practical questions. Doesn’t it ever rain in New York? How can pianos stay outside in the weather and remain playable?

13. Hmmmm. My teens watch Glee, and I’m wondering how this new character for next season will work out. Probably very badly, but we’ll hope for the best.

14. Speaking of love, courtship and marriage, there’s an op-ed in Newsweek (June 11, 2010) about how marriage is outdated and unnecessary. Albert Mohler comments on this idea from a Christian perspective. Could it be that instead of gay “marriage” what we’ll eventually evolve to is no marriage for anyone other than Christians who still in their dinosauric way see the value and sanctity of such a union?

15. Mockingbird by Katharine Erskine. Small World says: “If you liked the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, you will love Mockingbird.”

16. Prepare to Die: A Princess Bride quiz by David K. Israel.

17. I could have used this advice about making a youtube video embed show up as a simple audio file last year when I was counting down the hymns. Some of the video is annoying or unnecessary.

18. Tim Hawkins: I Don’t Drink Beer. Someone asked The Headmistress what she thought about drinking alcohol, and then later I saw this video by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins. This song explains exactly why I don’t drink beer, right down to the nauseous.

19. Your Book as a Database by Chris Kubica. I’m not sure I understand completely, but it’s definitely mind-expanding.

20. “Social science may suggest that kids drain their parents’ happiness, but there’s evidence that good parenting is less work and more fun than people think. Bryan Caplan makes the case for having more children.” The economic and long term benefits of having more children.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: 20 Examples That Feed My Fascinations

  1. LOL – I hadn’t seen this particular Tim Hawkins video before. And I enjoyed the Crayola monologues as well.

    Thanks for the grins.

  2. What a fun list.

  3. Well, well! Thanks for the mention, Sherry! My husband teases me that a compliment on my blog is worth a truck load of kind words from him… Your “fascination” list fascinates me! I’m making my own up, and it will include quite a few you’ve mentioned. In the Five Great Books post, I found myself wanting to write: Island life fascinates me; I’ve always been curious about French culture, etc.

    Sometimes I’m embarrassed that so many things fascinate me; I imagine a blog reader thinking, “Oh yeah? It doesn’t take *much* to get your attention!” I take heart that you were able to come up with 52 things…and I bet it didn’t take much time!

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