Book Blogger Appreciation Week

OK, so I’m registering for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and they want a list of my five best posts (from this year?). I’m not sure what those are , so I think I’ll just choose something from each month, January through June. Those of you who want a review, enjoy.

12 Tips for New Bloggers, Especially Book Bloggers

Boarding School Books

Poem #1: Psalm 23 by David, King of Israel, c. 1000 BC

Sunday Salon: On Reviewing Books

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

And here are a few bonus “blast from the past” posts from before 2010:

The End of the Alphabet, Wit, and John Donne

Where I Am From . . .

Inspired by . . . Book-loving Books

Narnia Aslant: A Narnia-Inspired Reading List

If you’re book blogger, you should register, too. It’s going to be lots of fun.

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