September: Celebrations, Links, and Birthdays

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Scholastic Publishers celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

September is National Honey Month.

September is also National Piano Month. 12 Quotes to celebrate National Piano Month.

The Muslim celebration of Ramadan this year runs through September 9th, and many Christians are observing Ramadan with 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. There are many needs in the Muslim world, and we can serve our Muslim neighbors, at the very least, by praying for them.

And September is National Potato Month. Rebecca Writes about Potatofest, October 2006.

Dawn’s Themes and Plans for September (By Sun and Candlelight)

Semicolon Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Potpourri.

September 1:
Birthday of Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan, b.1875, Jim Arnosky, nature writer for children, b.1946.
September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and World War II began.

September 2: Birthday of Eugene Field, poet, b.1850, Lucretia Hale, children’s author, b.1820, Christa McAulife, educator/astronaut, b.1948, Demi, children’s author, b.1942, Elizabeth Borten de Trevino, children’s novelist, b.1904.
VJ (Victory over Japan) Day, 1945.

September 3: Birthday of Aliki, children’s author and illustrator, b.1929.
Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolution, 1783.

September 4: Birthday of Francoise Rene de Chateaubriand, memoirist and gourmand, b. 1768, Phoebe Cary, poet, b.1824, Mary Renault, novelist, b.1905, Syd Hoff, children’s author, b.1912, Joan Aiken, children’s author, b. 1924.
El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora de la Reina de los Angeles de Porcincula was founded in 1781.

September 6: Labor Day (the first Monday in September).
Birthday of Marquis de Lafayette, b.1757, Jane Addams, social worker, b.1860, Felix Salten, Austrian children’s author, b.1869.

September 7: Birthday of Queen Elizabeth I of England, b.1533, Taylor Caldwell, novelist, b.1900.
Grandparents’ Day. (celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day)

September 8: Birthday of Richard the Lion-Hearted, King of England, b.1157, Siegfried Sassoon, poet, b.1886, Jack Prelutsky, poet, b.1940.
International Literacy Day.

September 9: Birthday of William Bligh, sea captain, b.1754, James Hilton, novelist, b.1900. Queen of Carrots reviews Lost Horizon by James Hilton.

September 10: Birthday of Hilda Doolittle, poet, b. 1886, Franz Werfel, novelist and playwright, b.1890, Robert McClung, science writer for children, b.1916.

September 11: Birthday of O’Henry, short story author, b.1862, D.H. Lawrence, novelist, b.1885.
Patriot Day.

September 12: Birthday of H.L. Mencken, journalist, b.1880, Jesse Owens, track star, b.1913.

September 13: Birthday of children’s authors Carol Kendall, b.1937, Else Holmelund Minarik, b.1920, Roald Dahl, b.1916, Mildred Taylor, b. 1943.

September 14: George Frederic Handel completed The Messiah, a work that he began writing on August 22, only about three weeks earlier.

September 15: Birthday of James Fenimore Cooper, novelist, b.1789, Robert Benchley, humorist, b.1889, Agatha Christie, mystery writer, b.1890, Tomie de Paola, children’s author, Robert McCloskey, children’s author.

September 16: Birthday of Francis Parkman, historian, b.1823.
Anne Bradstreet Day.

September 17: Birthday of John Creasey, mystery writer, b.1908, Mary Stewart, novelist, b.1916, Elizabeth Enright, children’s author.
U.S. Constitution Day. National Constitution Center Constitution Day activities.

September 18: Birthday of Samuel Johnson, lexicographer, b.1709.
In 1851, The New York Times published its first issue.

September 19: Birthday of Arthur Rackham, illustrator, b.1867, William Golding, novelist, b.1911, Rachel Field, children’s author.
In 1881, President James A. Garfield was assassinated.
International Talk Like a Pirate Day. More pirate links and stuff.

September 20: Birthday of Upton Sinclair, American novelist, b.1878, Donald hall, poet, b.1928, Miska Petersham, children’s author/illustrator, b.1888.

September 21: Birthday of H.G. Wells, science fiction novelist, b.1866, Taro Yashima, picture book author.

September 22: Birthday of Lord Chesterfield, b.1694, Esphyr Slobodkina, picture book author.

September 23: Birthday of William H. McGuffey, b.1800.
Autumnal Equinox.

September 24: Birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald, novelist, b.1896.
National Punctuation Day.

September 25: Birthday of Claude Perrault, b.1613, William Faulkner, American Southern novelist, b.1897.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean.
Museum Day. Free admission to selected museums in the U.S. on the last Saturday of September.

September 26: Birthday of John Chapman, b. 1774, T.S. Eliot, poet, b.1888, J. Frank Dobie, Texas folklorist, b.1888, George Gershwin, composer, b.1898.
Johnny Appleseed Day. Apple posts at Semicolon from September, 2007.

September 27: Birthday of Samuel Adams, patriot, b.1722, Thomas Nast, cartoonist, b.1840.

September 28: Birthday of Walter Mickle, Scots poet, b.1735, Sir William Jones, philologist, b.1746, Kate Douglas Wiggin, children’s author, b.1856, Edith Mary Pargeter, mystery writer, b.1913, Al Capp, cartoonist, b.1909.

September 29: Birthday of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Elizabeth Gaskell, novelist, b.1810.
Michaelmas: The Feast of the Archangels.

September 30: Birthday of Truman Capote, novelist, b.1924, Elie Wiesel, b.1928, Edgar D’Aulaire, children’s author, Alvin Tresselt, picture book author.

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