Sherry’s Reading List. (To Be Read)

Semicolon’s Best Fiction of All Time

The Twelve Best Books I Read in 2007

The Rest of the Books I Read in 2007 (with links to reviews)

Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Nominated Titles

100 Favorite Mysteries of the Twentieth Century, compiled by the Independent Mystery Booksellers’ Association.

Semicolon: Books Read in 2008

Semicolon: Books Read in 2009

The Telegraph lists their 110 Best Books: The Perfect Library.

The Telegraph also lists 50 “Cult Books”.

Josh Sowin at Fire and Knowledge links to his own list of favorites in the following categories: Literature, Reading/Literary Criticism, Biography and Autobiograpy, Cultural Studies, Art and Aesthetics, Food and Agriculture, Science and History, Economics, Finances, Writing, Education, Humor and Satire, Marketing, Web Design, Music, and Other.

Three manly guys make a list of The Essential Man’s Library: 100 Must-Read Books.

Image Journal has a list of 100 Writers of Faith.

Jared Wilson’s Fave Fifty: “includes collections, short stories, poetry, children’s books, comic books, a screenplay, a sitcom teleplay, and even a comic strip.”

Ann at Holy Experience: The Library

National Geographic 100 Greatest Adventure Books, thanks to Carol at Magistramater

The New Lifetime Reading Plan by Clifton Fadiman and John S. Major.

4 thoughts on “Booklists

  1. Lee Grant

    I happened onto your website while trying to investigate reviews on books my 10 year old daughter wants to buy at her school’s book fair next week. She is interested in “Confetti Girl” by Diana Lopez (which you gave a review on) and “Extra Credit” by Andrew Clements (which you mentioned). Do you have suggestions or reading lists for certain age ranges? I would be interested in these. Thank you from a caring mother. Lee Grant

  2. Jordan

    i am 11 years old and i just turned 11 the beggining of april so i am still in 5th grade. some books i recommend are some of Wendy Mass’ books. She is a really good writer. I have read alot of her books. My favorite book of hers is Every Soul A Sta. It is a really great book with a good mural.

  3. Paris Rose

    I reccomend Leven Thumps,Clarice Bean Percy Jackson,Fablehaven,and Every Soul a Star.

  4. jack ring

    I would like to purchase your book “apparent danger” for my wife. Please help me, thanks, j. ring

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