A Typical Day in Our Homeschool, Part 2

After prayer and Bible reading, Brown Bear Daughter (grade 5) and Karate Kid (grade 3) are sent to the gameroom table to do their math lesson. We start with the math leeson going by the theory that doing the hardest task first makes for a shorter school time. This theory does not always work out in practice. Both Brown Bear Daughter and Karate Kid are working through Saxon Math 5/4. They’re on lesson 60, and I hope they will finish by Christmas, doing four lessons a week.

The older children scatter to their bedrooms to start on their school. All three of the young adults in the house work independently, only coming to me for advice and help very infrequently. I try to keep an eye on what they’re doing and keep their transcripts up to date. Organizer Daughter (grade 9) is taking one online class, Spanish 1, this year, one class with a teacher at our church (English/Bible/History), and one class at our homeschool co-op (Physical Science). Engineer Husband is teaching the Physical Science lab on Friday mornings at co-op. Organizer Daughter is also doing Saxon Math. She’s about finished with 7/6 and hoping to finish Algebra 1/2 this year.

Dancer Daughter (grade 11) is taking two classes online: Grammar and Composition and Music Theory. She’s doing her chemistry lab at co-op, and she’s working through Saxon Algebra 2. She’s also taking the British Literature class and the Worldview class that I’m teaching at co-op. She also dances about six hours a week–more about that later.

Computer Guru Son is a senior this year, and he’ll be taking his first college classes at the junior college near us. He’s taking Government and College Algebra this fall, and if he does as well as I think he will, he’ll take another couple of classes in the spring. He’s also in my British Literature class and my Worldview class. And he’s got a few other loose ends to tie up before he graduates.

To be continued tomorrow.

Writen by Sherry

I'm a Christian, the homeschooling mom of eight (yes, all mine) children, married to a NASA engineer, and a confirmed bookaholic. I like old books, conservative politics, and new and interesting ideas. My hair is grey, my favorite clothes are red, and I love purple. Come on in and enjoy the blog. Be sure to tell me what you think before you leave.

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  1. You know, I keep thinking about homeschooling my (future) kids, and your site offers a great window into the homeschooling world. You’ve got some great tips and hints, already, and it’s only been a couple of days into the school year! 🙂

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