Picture Book Preschool: Week 34

Picture Book Preschool is a preschool/kindergarten curriculum which consists of a list of picture books to read aloud for each week of the year and a character trait, a memory verse, and activities, all tied to the theme for the week.

Character Trait: Sharing
Bible Verse: Do not forget to do good and to share with others. Hebrews 13:16a

1. Brown, Margaret Wise. The Country Noisy Book. Harper and Row, 1940. OP
2. Windsor, Merrill. Baby Farm Animals. National Geographic, 1984.
3. Isenbart, Hans-Heinrich. Baby Animals on the Farm. Putnam, 1989. OP
4. Mills, Patricia. Until the Cows Come Home. North-South Books, 1993. OP
5. Watson, Clyde. Applebet: An ABC. Farrar, 1982.
6. Francoise. Jeanne-Marie Counts Her Sheep. Scribner’s, 1951. OP
7. Petersham, Maud and Miska. The Box With Red Wheels. Macmillan, 1949. OP

Activities: Visit a farm or a petting zoo or someplace where you can see and touch the farm animals. Talk about what farmers do. Visit one of the farms where you can harvest your own vegetables or fruit. Or go to a farmers’ market and talk to the farmers there about what they do.

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