Born August 17th

He was born August 17, 1786, the fifth of nine children, in a small cabin near the Nolichucky River in Tennessee.

When he was twelve, he spent four days in school, had a fight with another boy, and left home to escape a licking from his dad.

In addition to the four days, he had only six months of formal schooling.

He was married twice, had two sons, fought the Creek Indians, served in the Tennesse legislature, and then became a US Congressman.

His rifle was named “Betsy,” and his motto was: “Be always sure you are right, and then go ahead.”

If you’ve figured out who it is with a birthday today, you also know, of course, when and where he died. Hint: I’ve seen the place, and my children know the stories of the men who died there.

2 thoughts on “Born August 17th

  1. I know who it is. He’s quite famous at our house. Shall I sing the song as well?

  2. As my little boy used to sing it (making his best guess at the words),

    Bored on a mountain top in Tennessee
    Greenest state in the land of the free
    Raised in the woods howdy-do every tree
    Built him a bar when he was only three

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