The Beast of Blackslope by Tracy Barrett

The Beast of Blackslope is the second in The Sherlock Files series by Nashville author Tracy Barrett. (Interesting side note: Eldest Daughter knows Ms. Barrett since they both teach in the language department at Vanderbilt University.) Xena and Xander are American kids living in England with their parents, part-time detectives, and descendants of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Because they are Holmes’ great-great-great grandchildren, Xena and Xander have inherited his casebook with his cold case files, notes on cases that the great detective failed to solve. One of those unsolved cases, similar to The Hound of the Baskervilles, is the Case of the Beast of Blackslope, a beast that Sherlock Holmes himself was unable to locate or capture.

Now a hundred plus years later, the Beast has reappeared in the small village of Blackslope, and Xena and Xander are determined to solve the case this time. Is there really a Beast? If so, why has it returned to Blackslope? Why are the people in Blackslope so secretive about the Beast? What is everybody hiding? Does the Beast carry off humans who disappear never to be heard of again? Who will be next?

I would give The Beast of Blackslope to the younger end of the Middle Grade Fiction age spectrum: eight, nine, ten and eleven year olds who are reading well and are mystery fans. The book reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators series, a series I’ve not thought about in ages.

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2 thoughts on “The Beast of Blackslope by Tracy Barrett

  1. Thanks for the nice write-up! Who’s your daughter? What department is she in?

    BTW, the title is The Beast of Blackslope, not Backslope–I know it’s a bit of a tongue-twister!


  2. No wonder I had trouble finding the book at my library and at Amazon. I had the wrong word, Backslope instead of Blackslope, in my mind the whole time, and even when I was looking at the book and reading it, I still read it wrong!

    Corrected now.

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