Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Mini-Reviews by Eldest Daughter

While Eldest Daughter was here for Thanksgiving she read a few of my Cybils nominees for Middle Grade Fiction. She wouldn’t give me a real review, but she did assign grades to the books she read. And she was as surprised as I was to see that Zilpha Keatley Snyder is still writing and publishing books. Eldest Daughter says that The Egypt Game is one of those “test books.”

You ask a new acquaintance, “Have you read The Egypt Game? Did you like it?” If the new acquaintance says “yes”, particularly to the second question, there is a basis for further communication. If he says “no” to the first question, buy him a copy.

The Last Newspaper Boy in America by Sue Corbett.
Grade: B

William S. and the Great Escape by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.
Grade: A+

Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone by Dene Low.
Grade: A

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One or more of these books is also nominated for a Cybil Award, but the views expressed here are strictly my own.

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