Wednesday’s Whatever: My Take on the News

President Obama and the NObel Peace Prize: I’m with Thomas Friedman. I really hope Mr. Obama gives a speech similar to this one.

Fascinating: a “new” painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Could someone just talk Olympia Snowe into joining the Democrats –officially?

“There are many miles to go in this legislative journey,” Snowe said. “My vote today is my vote today. It doesn’t forecast what my vote will be tomorrow.”

My point exactly: Let the Democrats figure out how she’s going to vote tomorrow.

Bo Snerdly is a black man? And why can’t Rush Limbaugh buy anything he wants if he’s got the money, honey, and the sellers have got the time?

Daniel Zalewski writes in the New Yorker about Picture Book Kids Misbehaving. I’m not sure if parents in picture books are any more ineffectual than they ever were, but I did have a parent thank me the other day for the selection of books in my preschool curriculum Picture Book Preschool. She said the books she usually finds at the library often feature snotty, impertinent children.

That’s all for today. Maybe next week (or tomorrow) I’ll have more to say.

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One thought on “Wednesday’s Whatever: My Take on the News

  1. Loved Thomas Friedman’s suggested speech for Obama. I would hope that he (Obama) follows suit and accepts the prize on behalf of our military, it’s only that I know he won’t, whihc is very sad.

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