Picture Book Preschool Book of the Week: Week 41

Picture Book Preschool is a preschool/kindergarten curriculum which consists of a list of picture books to read aloud for each week of the year and a character trait, a memory verse, and activities, all tied to the theme for the week. Click on the link in the sidebar if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the preschool curriculum, Picture Book Preschool by Sherry Early.

October 5-11 is Fire Prevention Week, and that’s the theme in Week 41 of Picture Book Preschool. The book I want to share with you from this week’s list is Blaze and the Forest Fire by C.W. Anderson. In this exciting story Billy and his horse Blaze must report a forest fire to the nearest authorities. Will they get there in time to save the forest?

Blaze and the Forest Fire is only one in a series of Billy and Blaze books that were written and illustrated by Mr. Anderson starting back in 1936 with Billy and Blaze, the story of how Billy receives Blaze as a birthday present. The other books in the series are:

Blaze and the Gypsies (1937)
Blaze and the Forest Fire (1938)
Blaze Finds the Trail (1950)
Blaze and the Thunderbolt (1955)
Blaze and the Mountain Lion (1959)

Blaze and the Indian Cave (1964)
Blaze and the Lost Quarry (1966)
Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony (1968)
Blaze Shows the Way (1969)
Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads (1970)

Mr. Anderson died in 1971, so no more Billy and Blaze books were forthcoming. However, the books were reprinted in the early 1990’s by Aladdin Publishers in nice softcover editions with the original timeless illustrations. Check out Blaze and the Forest Fire from the library, and if you become a fan, collect all eleven of the stories.

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2 thoughts on “Picture Book Preschool Book of the Week: Week 41

  1. One of my boys really loved the Blaze series. After we had had the books for a few years, we found them read on tape by David Cassidy, of all people.

  2. Oh! These are in my library stack that are sitting here by my desk. I know nothing about them and was glad to get this “introduction” from you. I look forward to reading them now!

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