Cathedral Building

Mark of Pseudo-Polymath is asking for bloggers and others to submit writing on the subject of “cathedral building,” how we as 21st century Christians could/should adapt the vision of medieval Christians who built catherdrals to glorify God and to last through the ages. He’s already received some interesting submissions.

Jollyblogger writes about Cathedral Thinking:

. . . we should teach our children with the mindset that they will embrace and further our work, not reject it for the newest fad. Further, we must rule out discouragement. Even if I fail, even if I die trying to advance the kingdom of Christ, Christ will reign victorious over all the earth.

Mark himself writes about modern cathedral building in terms of building “places, practices, and institutions”that bring people into Christian community and that tax our abilities and resources in the same way that building the cathedrals of the Middle Ages required the work and contributions of generations of Christians in a given community.

Then, Catez at AllThings2All gets specific with a vision of “The Open Late Cafe,” a sort of Christian coffeehouse/aid center for the broken, the needy, and all of us who just need a friend in the night.

I think this topic is great, and it relates to some things I have written about and thought about before. Read what these guys have to say, and then I’ll try to write something tonight about cathedral building and community building.

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