Will to Live

All this talk of living wills and PVS and dehydration has made me downright nervous. As I told my worldview class yesterday, I don’t want a living will to tell someone when to “pull the plug,” but rather I’d like to have something in writing that says that I DON’T want to be starved and dehydrated into an early grave. So I was pleased to find this “Will to Live” at the National Right to Life website. One paragraph in this will states:

“Food and water are not medical treatment, but basic necessities. I direct my health care provider(s) and health care agent to provide me with food and fluids orally, intravenously, by tube, or by other means to the full extent necessary both to preserve my life and to assure me the optimal health possible.”


2 thoughts on “Will to Live

  1. Lee Driskill

    I cannot download the Will To live document form using our msn web receiver. MSN states, (contains a type of information that cannot be used). What kind of hope is their anyway, when some little two bit worm of a probate judge, spits in the face of God, and rules that you die on the whim of a greedy apostate relative. Sounds like those of us advancing to the front of the line age wise are in deep doo doo. I guess I’ve been naive, in believing Drs., elected officials, and care givers really have any fear of the final judgment. Time to take notice fellow seniors. Lee D. Minnesota

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