Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

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Pages: 194
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“In her first novel for young readers, Diana Lopez creates a clever and honest story about a young Latina girl navigating growing pains in her South Texas city (Corpus Christi).”

Not a bad synopsis. Not a bad tween novel. I requested this ARC from the publisher because I thought it might possibly fit into the class I’m teaching next year at our homeschool co-op on Texas history and literature for sixth and seventh graders. It won’t. It’s much too girly, a little too boy-crazy, romantic, and way too light for a class assignment.

However, it’s a good light read from a fresh perspective: a South Texas Latin American girl whose father is an English professor and who seems to effortlessly combine her Latin cultural heritage with a very American life. No cultural angst, no agonizing over who she is or where she belongs, just lots of girl talk about boys, scheming to help divorced mom and a widowed father, sports, and general middle school issues and solutions.

This book is one to suggest to young girls (age 10 or 11 and up) who maybe don’t enjoy reading so much, but who would enjoy a story about a girl like themselves: reasonably intelligent, struggling with the changes that come with growing up, and using a sense of humor and a bit of forgiveness to get them through it all.

I enjoyed Appolina, or Lina as she’s called by her friends, and I found her and her friends and family to be believable characters with endearing quirks. For example, here’s the opening paragraph of the book in Lina’s voice:

“Some people collect coins or stamps, but I collect socks. I have a dresser with drawers labeled DAILY SOCKS, LONELY SOCKS, HOLEY SOCKS, and SOCK HEAVEN.”

Nice, don’t you think? The publication date is June, 2009, so it should be available in bookstores now or soon.

6 thoughts on “Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

  1. The cover is so fun, as is the opening paragraph. I’ve been seeing this book around and I’ll be looking for it at the library this summer.

  2. Franky Joe

    I love Confetti Girl it’s a great book!

  3. galaxy

    im in da middle of this book well close to the end (pg.189) its verry good so far please nobody spoil it =)

  4. Bobbi Prinz

    I just rea the first 5 chapters and i love the book already!!!

  5. This book is A M A Z I N G <3 Its technically like my life, exept a little different. This book is amazing. I read it about 5 times, nd today like 5 minutes ago i finished a book report on it. I found this book at my book fair in my Middle School and the cover wheeled me in. But i started reading it nd i knew it was the one. I sugest to read this book, it isnt boring ONE BIT

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