Living and Learning: December 10, 2008

Z-baby and I were going to pick up her brother from his math class, and we had this rather random conversation:

Z-baby: When someone becomes president, on the day he becomes president, do they have a Big Party or something?

Semicolon Mom: Yes, they do. It’s called an inauguration.

Z-baby: Does everybody in the whole country have to come?

Semicolon Mom: No, just his friends and supporters and other people who live close to Washington, D.C. will be there.

Z-baby: Why does Barack Obama have to be president of Texas anyway? Why can’t he just go be president of New Mexico or something?

(Impromptu geography/government lesson ensues in which Semicolon Mom explains that New Mexico and Texas are both part of the United States, and Mr. Obama will be president of all fifty states in the U.S.)

Z-baby: Well, at least maybe it will snow tonight!
extremely reluctant reader, the only one I’ve had to be so allergic to learning to read. (No, she doesn’t have a learning disability. She’s mostly just lazy and opinionated.) Anyway, I’m glad to have her bringing me a book and reading parts of it to me, with a smile!

To This Great Stage of Fools: Born December 10th, Emily Dickinson, Mary Norton, Rumer Godden.
Will Duquette reviews In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden.
Semicolon review of Pippa Passes by Rumer Godden.

To This Great Stage of Fools: Born December 10th, George Macdonald.

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