Saturday Review of Books: November 15, 2008

“There is hardly any grief that an hour’s reading will not dissipate.”

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Review of Books.
Here’s how it works. Find a review on your blog posted sometime this week of a book you’re reading or a book you’ve read. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can just write your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Now post a link here to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

1. Semicolon (Jessie\’s Mountain)
2. Semicolon (Forever Rose)
3. Semicolon (The Hope Chest)
4. Semicolon (Jimmy\’s Stars)
5. Semicolon (THe Life and Crimes of Bernetta Wallflower)
6. Semicolon (Alvin Ho)
7. Carrie, RtK (Faerie Queen, Book 1)
8. Carrie, RtK (Understood Betsy)
9. 5M4B (Fated Genes)
10. 5M4B (The Rook)
11. 5M4B (The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner)
12. 5M4B (Broken Into Beautiful)
13. 5M4B (Sunset)
14. Michael (The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow)
15. Prairie Progressive (Don\’t Go There!)
16. Prairie Progressive (I Hate New Music)
17. Anne (The Dumbest Generation)
18. Bonnie (Kristin Lavransdatter, Pt.1)
19. 3m (X-Kai-)
20. 3m (Purple Hibiscus)
21. 3m (Out Stealing Horses)
22. Carrie K. (The Guernsey Literary…”
23. Carrie K. (American Widow)
24. Carrie K. (Company of Liars)
25. At Home With Books (Persepolis)
26. At Home With Books (Mr. Darcy\’s Daughter)
27. At Home With Books (The Hello, Goodbye Window)
28. Amy @ My Friend Amy (In Hovering Flight)
29. Hermie\’s Mom (Affinity)
30. pussreboots (Za-Za\’s Baby Brother)
31. pussreboots (Amityville Horror)
32. pussreboots (Ring of Hell)
33. pussreboots (Best Loved Art of American Museumsl)
34. SuziQoregon (The Treatment)
35. SuziQoregon (Echo Burning)
36. Ms. Bookish (The Wright 3)
37. Fate (City of Ember)
38. Hope (The Imitation of Christ by á Kempis)
39. Much Ado (Same kind of different as me)
40. Amy(The Diplomat\’s Wife)
41. Lynne (An Irish Country Village)
42. Lynne (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
43. Lynne (Home to Holly Springs)
44. Beth F (A Mortal Bane)
45. Beth F (Before Green Gables)
46. Beth F (Heat)
47. gautami tripathy (Mo\’Dirty)
48. Joy (Grace)
49. DebD (The Color of Magic)
50. Shonda (The Brass Verdict)
51. melydia (We Thought You Would be Prettier)
52. Literarily (Off the Menu)
53. Literarily (Testimony)
54. Literarily (Off Season)
55. Literarily (Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe)
56. Bermudaonion (Divine Justice)
57. Jama (apple picture books)
58. Bermudaonion (Kosher By Design)
59. Diane- (The Gate House)
60. Diane- (Goodnight Goon)
61. Diane- (Lost an Found)
62. Diane- (Songs For the Misssing)
63. Diane- (I See You Everywhere)
64. The Thinking Mother (Twisted Head)
65. The Thinking Mother (Holy Headshot!)
66. She is Too Fond of Books (In Hovering Flight)
67. She is Too Fond of Books (Off the Menu)
68. She is Too Fond of Books (The Front Porch Prophet)
69. Sarah M., LH (The Mystery of the Blue Train)
70. Sarah M., LH (Ballet Shoes)
71. Megan (Sweetsmoke)
72. Deliciously Clean Reads (A Murder for her Majesty)
73. Deliciously Clean Reads (Hugging the Rock)
74. Janet (That Hideous Strength)
75. Framed (Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat)
76. Framed (The Colony of Unrequited Dreams)
77. JewWishes (Annie Leibovitz at Work)
78. gautami tripathy (The Dead Room)
79. Marietta (Hush Little Dragon)
80. Mindy Withrow (Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth)
81. Marietta (Ilustrator Stephen Johnson)
82. Heidi @ Mt Hope (Forty Favorite Fiction)
83. Heidi @ Mt Hope (Little Britches)
84. S. Krishna (How to be Single)
85. S. Krishna (Jack With a Twist)
86. S. Krishna (My Lady of Cleves)
87. S. Krishna (Home Girl)
88. S. Krishna (Questions to Ask Before Marrying)
89. S. Krishna (Names My Sisters Call Me)
90. S. Krishna (One Fifth Avenue)
91. Tara Lazar (The Orange Shoes)
92. Rebecca @ The Book Lady\’s Blog (In the Land of Invisible Women)
93. Rebecca @ The Book Lady\’s Blog (Outliers)
94. Becky (Voss How I Come To America and Am Hero Mostly)
95. Becky (Alive and Well in Prague, New York)
96. Becky (My Mother Is A French Fry)
97. Becky (After Tupac & D Foster)
98. Book Chatter (Ti)
99. Becky (The Day I Killed James)
100. Becky (Bog Child)
101. Book Chatter (Ti)
102. Becky (Chronological Study Bible)
103. Becky (My Life As A Rhombus)
104. Becky (How To Build A House)
105. Becky (Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second)
106. Becky (Until We REach Home)
107. Becky (Kendra)
108. Becky (The Boy On the Bus)
109. Lightheaded (The Clue of the Forgotten Murder)
110. Lightheaded (The Book of Renfield)
111. Lightheaded (Dead Until Dark)
112. Word Lily (Scoop)
113. Jen Robinson (Just One Wish)
114. Alessandra (Now I Know)
115. Kathryn (The Medicine Man\’s Last Stand)
116. Mytwoblessings (Dead Heat)
117. Marg (The Quilter\’s Homecoming)
118. Marg (The Seduction of the Crimson Rose)
119. LuAnn (Called Out of Darkness)
120. A Patchwork of Books (Fortunes of Indigo Skye)
121. Presenting Lenore (The Other Side of the Island)
122. Presenting Lenore (The Likeness)
123. Presenting Lenore (The Grift)
124. Joanne (Hex Appeal)
125. Joanne (Warrior – Cat Star Chronicles)
126. Joanne (Reluctant Widow)
127. Joanne (Pemberley By The Sea)
128. Joanne (Lydia Bennet\’s Story)
129. Girl Detective (Ex Machina: Ex Cathedra)
130. Girl Detective (100 Bullets: Dirty)
131. Girl Detective (Will)
132. Girl Detective (Macbeth p.s.)
133. Noel (Paper Towns)
134. A Reader\’s Respite (I, Lorelei)
135. A Reader\’s Respite (Lion\’s Pride)
136. Books & Other Thoughts (Hotter Than Hell)
137. Books & Other Thoughts (His Majesty\’s Dragon)
138. Kristi (the handmaid\’s tale)
139. BOOKIE WOOGIE (Arnie the Doughnut)
140. Popin (Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult)
141. Petunia (The 19th Wife)
142. Moomin Light (TigerHeart)
143. Heather J. (Age 30 … A Lifetime of Books) Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis:
144. Wendi\’s Book Corner (The American Journey of Barack Obama)
145. Wendi\’s Book Corner (When Wanderers Cease to Roam)
146. Wendi\’s Book Corner (Plain Perfect)
147. Serena (Sighing of the Winter Trees)
148. Serena (Off the Menu)
149. Serena (The House on Tradd Street)
150. she reads and reads (The 19th Wife)
151. Diary of an Eccentric (The 19th Wife)
152. Diary of an Eccentric (Sam\’s Quest for the Crimson Crystal & Sam\’s Quest: The Ro
153. Diary of an Eccentric (Cold Rock River)
154. Diary of an Eccentric (Open Slowly)
155. Teddy ROse (My Sister\’s Keeper)
156. Teddy Rose (Family Values)
157. Carey @ The Tome Traveller\’s Weblog (Red Sea)
158. A Bookworm\’s World (Sweetsmoke)

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Review of Books: November 15, 2008

  1. Thanks again for hosting this.

  2. Books, quilts, dolls and children – love that picture!

  3. LOVE the quote and the picture! Thanks for hosting.

  4. Thanks for hosting…I love reading the reviews.

  5. Terry

    I love finding new books through these reviews. Thanks.

  6. Wonderful photo! Thanks again for hosting.

  7. Thanks for hosting your Saturday Review of Books. I love the pictures that you put up each week 🙂

  8. What a terrific idea. I just joined in the reviews with a picture book that was my favorite of last year.

  9. Ti

    I posted two reviews. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Two graphic novels, one novel about Shakespeare, and some further thoughts on Macbeth, which I reviewed last week. Cheers, everyone!

  11. My wishlist just doubled with all these great reviews!

  12. Thank you! I love finding new books!

  13. Thanks so much for hosting this! I added two reviews, hope that’s okay.

  14. Thanks for hosting this again!!! I’m a bit late this week, but better late than never!

  15. What a wonderful quote, and so true. Books and reading are a great respite sometimes. Thanks for hosting this!

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