Christmas in Toronto, Canada, c.1937

Jane of Lantern Hill is one of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s lesser-known stories. (Ms. Montgomery is, of course, the author of the Anne of Green Gables books as wells the series about Emily of New Moon.) Jane of Lantern Hill tells the story of a girl, Victoria Jane Stuart, who finds out at the age of ten that her father is not dead as she had presumed, and soon after that Jane is compelled to go and visit for the summer with the father she never knew on Prince Edward Island.

This Christmas passage comes from late in the story when Jane is back in Toronto but has grown to know and love her estranged father very much:

The week before Christmas Jane bought the materials for a fruit-cake out of the money dad had given her and compounded it in the kitchen. Then she expressed it to dad.She did not ask anyone’s permission for all this—just went ahead and did it. Mary held her tongue and grandmother knew nothing about it. But Jane would have sent it just the same if she had.
One thing made Christmas Day memorable for Jane that year. Just after breakfast Frank came in to say that long distance was calling Miss Victoria. Jane went to the hall with a puzzled look . . . who on earth could be calling her on long distance? She lifted the receiver to her ear.
“Lantern Hill calling Superior Jane! Merry Christmas and thanks for that cake,” said dad’s voice as distinctly as if he were in the same room.
“Dad!” Jane gasped. “Where are you?”
“Here at Lantern Hill. This is my Christmas present to you, Janelet. Three minutes over a thousand miles.”
Probably no two people ever crammed more into three minutes. When Jane went back to the dining room, her cheeks were crimson and her eyes glowed like jewels.

I do think that perhaps this L.M. Montgomery book, one I don’t remember ever reading, will be my first read of 2018. Skimming it was a delight, and I’m fairly sure that reading the story properly will be quite a good way to start the new year.

I wish my copy were this Virago edition. I love the cover on edition pictured above.

3 thoughts on “Christmas in Toronto, Canada, c.1937

  1. It’s Maud’s birthday today and so I was so happy to see this! I *LOVE* Jane of Lantern Hill so much…I even call myself Amy of Hearth Ridge in homage to it. 🙂 Ha!

  2. Ooo! Another Montgomery title. Thanks!!

  3. I just read Jane of Lantern Hill — well, it was this past January. It’s been almost a year, but the book really got a hold on me, it feels like I just read it last month. I definitely recommend it! It started my year off WONDERFULLY.

    I keep changing my favorite L.M. Montgomery heroine. My first favorite was Anne Shirley unabashedly, then I timidly changed it to Emily Byrd Starr, who was later almost beat by Valancy (in The Blue Castle)… but my current reigning Montgomery heroine? Jane Stuart, by far. It’s going to take a LOT to knock her off the pedestal I’ve put her on.

    So. I hope you enjoy your reading of Jane of Lantern Hill. 🙂

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