Harvey and Me

I’ve been really busy and overwhelmed here in southeast Houston where we received over 40 inches of rain about a week ago. You may have heard something about that storm on the news. Anyway, sorry about the Saturday Review last week and the lack of blog posts this week. We didn’t sustain any damage at our house, but many, many friends and neighbors did. I have dozens of friends who lost almost everything they owned. We’re going to be digging out from under this disaster for years to come.

Here’s a brief video about what’s going on here in Houston now, post-Harvey. You need to know that these are my people, my church, my pastor, my friends and neighbors. I know many of the people in this video. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are family. Please do what you can to help, either here or in Florida as Irma comes through.

Hurricane Harvey Response from EFCA on Vimeo.

Also, if you can share this video on Facebook or on your blog, it will help people to visualize the massive devastation that Houston has sustained and a bit of what I am afraid that Florida is experiencing right now.

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4 thoughts on “Harvey and Me

  1. How did I not know you were in Houston? Or maybe I did at one point and forgot. I have family and friends there. There were tense moments on day as my sister described the water continually rising all through the day at her house, getting into the garage, but thankfully it stopped there. I lived there for a few years in high school and college – it’s so hard to take in the devastation. Praying for you all.

  2. Thinking of you, Sherry. I have a friend in that area. The USA is certainly getting a hammering at the moment.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It’s heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. I’m glad you’re okay.

  4. Thinking of you Sherry, I have family in Florida that I’ve been keeping an eye on too. From the video, it sounds like you have a strong community.

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