Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama

Charlie Gibson asks Sarah Palin if she’s conceited enough to think she can serve as vice-president:

GIBSON: Governor, let me start by asking you a question that I asked John McCain about you, and it is really the central question. Can you look the country in the eye and say “I have the experience and I have the ability to be not just vice president, but perhaps president of the United States of America?”

PALIN: I do, Charlie, and on January 20, when John McCain and I are sworn in, if we are so privileged to be elected to serve this country, will be ready. I’m ready.

GIBSON: And you didn’t say to yourself, “Am I experienced enough? Am I ready? Do I know enough about international affairs? Do I — will I feel comfortable enough on the national stage to do this?”

PALIN: I didn’t hesitate, no.

GIBSON: Didn’t that take some hubris?

PALIN: I — I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink.

So I didn’t blink then even when asked to run as his running mate.

Charlie GIbson asks Barack Obama how he feels about his historic nomination to be the Democratic candidate for president:

GIBSON: Senator, I’m curious about your feelings last night. It was an historic moment. Has it sunk in yet?

OBAMA: No. You know … you have been working so hard, 54 contests, so many months, meeting so many people, and then to suddenly walk into an auditorium with 17,000 people and realize you’re the Democratic nominee. That’s a pretty big dose to swallow all at once, but I will say that talking to my grandmother last night probably drove it home.

GIBSON: What’d she say?

OBAMA: Here’s a woman, who, well, she just said she was really proud. And, I thought back to all the work she’s put in, all the sacrifices she made, ah, she’s now a little too fragile to travel and so she watches it on TV and she’s going blind, so to hear in her voice, what this meant to her, that was a pretty powerful moment.

GIBSON: Public moments are not your own. There’s a million people pulling you in a million different directions, but when everybody clears out, the staff is gone, you’re in your hotel room at night and you’re alone — do you say to yourself: “Son of a gun, I’ve done this?”

OBAMA: You do say to yourself, “My, how far we have traveled.” And, and I say a little prayer to not only thank God for the blessings, but also to make sure that you’re worthy of the honor.

Fair? Not even close. But Ms. Palin just keeps on ticking. I don’t think the press is going to be able to do anything about her popularity because no one really believes that they are fair and unbiased anymore. So we, the voters, take their interviews and their editorials and their punditry with a grain of salt and draw our own conclusions.

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama

  1. Can you imagine the Clinton household these days? Here she stuck with the scum to keep her chances of getting back into the White House and here someone from no-wheres-ville Alaska is going to get there first. I love it.

  2. I’ve had to quit watching any news and reading newspapers or online articles. I’m disgusted by the press’s treatment of Palin and amazed they haven’t figured out that people will make up their own minds without requiring a media bias.

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