Reading through a Hurricane

Two from Camille at Book Moot.

Jen reviews a middle grade fiction title, Hurricane by Terry Trueman, on a hurricane in Honduras and its aftermath.

Semicolon review of Galveston’s Summer of the Storm by Julie Lake.

Semicolon review of Isaac’s Storm by Eric Larson.

I suggest for the younger set, although it’s about a summer storm, not a hurricane: The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow.

Other picture books on hurricanes:

Hurricane! by David Wiesner. Two brothers enjoy the excitement of a hurricane and the fun of climbing on a downed tree in their front yard.

Hurricane! by Corinne Demas. Margo and her family prepare for Hurricane Bob in 1991.

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3 thoughts on “Reading through a Hurricane

  1. I thought Isaac’s storm a fascinating book.

    A friend of mine is from Galveston and her grandmother and that generation (who have not gone on to their rewards) went through the hurricane as kids. I sent the book to her as soon as I finished it.

    I think I liked the book so much because it covered a subject which she’d already talked about so I felt I “knew” these people.

  2. Hoping you all stay dry. I’m thinking of you all!

  3. Hope all is well (and dry), Sherry. Thinking of you.

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