Saturday Review of Books: September 6, 2008

“Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.”
~Kathleen Norris

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Review of Books.

Here’s how it works. Find a review on your blog posted sometime this week of a book you’re reading or a book you’ve read. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can just write your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Now post a link here to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

1. Semicolon (Looking for Alaska)
2. Carrie, RtK (Affirming the Apostles Creed)
3. Bookish Ruth (The Wednesday Sisters)
4. Carrie, RtK (Out Came the Sun)
5. 5 Minutes 4 Books (The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor series)
6. Semicolon (Henry Esmond)
7. 5M4B (The Grand Weaver)
8. 5M4B (Unbridled Dreams)
9. 5M4B (A Friend Like Harry)
10. 5M4B (Saturdays with Stella)
11. Heidi @ Mt Hope (The Harvester)
12. Laura (The Family from One End Street)
13. Laura(The Body in the Gallery)
14. Jen Robinson (Skinned)
15. Alessandra (Perfect On Paper)
16. Alessandra (The Triumph of Deborah)
17. Alessandra (The Luxe)
18. Amy @The Friendly Book Nook (Did I Expect Angels?)
19. Bonnie (How to Read a Painting)
20. Breeni Books (Astro Socks)
21. Breeni Books (Good-bye and Amen)
22. Breeni Books (Forgive Me)
23. Breeni Books (Ringside, 1925)
24. Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living :: (That Old Ace Ib The Hole)
25. Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living :: (Night)
26. Sage (Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cario to Cape Town)
27. Marg (Personal Demon)
28. JustOneMoreBook! Podcast (Saturday Night at the Dinosarur Stomp)
29. JustOneMoreBook! Podcast (Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story)
30. Presenting Lenore (Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)
31. Presenting Lenore (Woman of a Thousand Secrets)
32. SuziQoregon (Diana Lively is Falling Down)
33. gautami tripathy (Blue by Yuvi Zalkow)
34. Sarah M., LH (The Mother Tongue)
35. Sarah M., LH (The House of Seven Gables)
36. Jennifer (Eclipse)
37. Jennifer (Breaking Dawn)
38. Jennifer (The Girls)
39. SmallWorld Reads (The 5 People You Meet in Heaven)
40. SmallWorld Reads (The Liars\’ Club)
41. SmallWorld Reads (A Death in the Family)
42. SmallWorld Reads (The Serpent Handlers)
43. SmallWorld Reads (Jimmy\’s Stars)
44. Word Lily (The Moviegoer)
45. Word Lily (The Banquet Bug)
46. Word Lily (Artemis Fowl)
47. Joy (Gallows View)
48. Captive Thoughts (Gilead)
49. Captive Thoughts (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)
50. Marie DeVries( Savvy)
51. Captive Thoughts (Poems of Maya Angelou)
52. MFS (Peterson Field Guide to Birds)
53. MFS (On the nightstand)
54. MFS (Granta 102)
55. Josette (The Rat-A-Tat Mystery)
56. Shonda (Love the One You\’re With)
57. MFS (Snobbery: The American Version)
58. Shonda (Heart On My Sleeve)
59. Nicole (Peony In Love)
60. Shonda (Scot on the Rocks)
61. Marie DeVries( Penelope)
62. Maw Books (The Debs)
63. Maw Books (What Jamie Saw)
64. S. Krishna (The Fall of Troy)
65. S. Krishna (Belong to Me)
66. S. Krishna (Room for Love)
67. S. Krishna (Queen of Babble Gets Hitched)
68. S. Krishna (Sleeping With Ward Cleaver)
69. Wendy (The Colour)
70. Wendy (Love Walked In)
71. Wendy (Maus I & II)
72. Wendy (Sarah\’s Key)
73. Becky (Dead is the New Black)
74. Becky (Hip Hop Speaks to Children)
75. Becky (My New Best Friend)
76. Becky (In Her Name)
77. Becky (Ghosts of Kerfol)
78. Becky (Zombie Blondes)
79. Becky (Dodger and Me)
80. Becky (The Mystery of the Fool and the Vanisher)
81. Literarily (The Miracle Girls)
82. Literarily (The Bible Salesman)
83. Carol in Oregon (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle)
84. Mindy Withrow (YA biography of Princess Ka\’iulani)
85. Lynne (Carry Me Home)
86. Lynne (Sundays at Tiffany\’s)
87. Lynne (The Hot Flash Club Chills Out)
88. Lynne (Can\’t Wait to Get to Heaven)
89. Jocelyn (Living Dead Girl)
90. Heather J. (Redeeming Love)
91. Lightheaded (Fire and Hemlock)
92. Lightheaded (Tender at the Bone)
93. Lightheaded (The Rest Falls Away)
94. Lightheaded (Fables: Animal Farm)
95. Kate (When The Mississippi Ran Backwards: Empire, Intrigue, Murder, and the New
96. ChristineMM (The Way I See It)
97. Rachel (Love Walked In)
98. Diane (Out Stealing Horses)
99. Diane (Half-Assed)
100. Diane (Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society)
101. Michael
102. Blacklin(Implied Spaces)
103. Nicole (The Dive From Clausen\’s Pier)
104. Nicole (The Age of Consent)
105. Chris@bookarama (Yellowknife)
106. Chris@bookarama (The Far Pavilions)
107. Chris@bookarama (Farworld)
108. Petunia (Down to a Sunless Sea)
109. Petunia (The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher)
110. Deanna (Pride and Prejudice)
111. Meghan (Midwife of the Blue Ridge)
112. Meghan (The Blue Sword)
113. Meghan (Midnight\’s Children)
114. Joanne (Tan Lines)
115. Phyllis (In This House of Brede)
116. Natalie (Gossamer by Lois Lowry)
117. Natalie (Getting Burned by Carolyn Keene)
118. pussreboots (Eat, Drink and Be Married)
119. pussreboots (King, Queen, Knave)
120. pussreboots (Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring)
121. Carey (Midwife of the Blue Ridge)
122. Carey (The Black Tower)

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Review of Books: September 6, 2008

  1. Hooray for the weekend! More time for reading.

  2. Thank you, Sherry, for hosting, Saturday Review. I especially love the Kathleen Norris quote. Which book is it from? I have a (long shot) opportunity to see Norris in Portland this month.

  3. Carol. thanks for contributing. I don’t know which book the quotation is from. I collect bookish quotations from everywhere and save them in a document, and I don’t always save the information on where I got them.

  4. Thanks again for hosting!

  5. Thanks for hosting this. I am sharing a new title by Temple Grandin PhD about Autism and Asperger’s. It is brand new and I plan to start reading it today.

  6. Hi. Sorry I linked twice. Didn’t mean too. This page is a great idea.

  7. Thanks again for hosting. I’m not participating this week but, I’ll still enjoy the bountiful harvest of book ideas.

  8. This is a neat idea. Thanks for hosting such an idea. It will be fun looking through the reviews. I wish I could post a link to a review I did in August as the book was great! Oh well. Of to read the reviews.

  9. Thanks so much for the invite to this! I love the idea and I’m looking forward to reading plenty of new blogs and great reviews through your website.

  10. I just stumbled across this blog and think this is a wonderful way to find out about interesting reads. I have contributed a review of Tan Lines by JJ Salem.

    Thanks so much for hosting this 🙂

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