Of Semicolons

Terry Teachout at Arts Journal writes about his shock and amazement over George Orwell’s treacherous use of the semicolon.

Paul Collins at Slate asks: Has Modern Life Killed the Semicolon?

Jon Henley compares French and British allegiance to the semicolon in The Guardian. The French call it the “point-virgule”

Jan Freeman: Sex and the Semicolon. And More Sex and the Semicolon. (Don’t get too excited. The title is only related to whether the punctuation mark in question is masculine enough for manly writers or only for girls.)

Who knew that the semicolon was such a hot topic? If you’re hard up for a subject for your next blog post/column/rumination, write about semicolons; they’re all the rage.

Semicolon’s September: Celebrations, Links and Birthdays

1 thought on “Of Semicolons

  1. I’ve been worrying about teaching my 10 year old punctuation lately. Why? Because I’m afraid of the semicolon. I don’t know how or when to use it. 😀 I’m on the lookout for some kind of excellent guide I can use but in the meantime I’m going to have fun reading your links!

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