The Missing: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Book #4 for Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge.

Wow! This first book in a new series by best-selling author Margaret Peterson Haddix is a page-turner. If you’re a fan of Haddix’s other books, either the Shadow children series or her stand alone novels such as Leaving Fishers or Double Identity, you’ll love this new book and be longing for the others in the series to hurry up and get published. If you like Caroline Cooney’s Janie series or her Time series, as I did, you should also enjoy Found and, eventually, its sequels. Ms. Haddix has written another imaginative and compelling novel that combines realistic YA fiction with elements of supernatural sci-fi.

And that’s all you need to know if you haven’t yet read the book. WARNING: Hereafter there be spoilers. Do not enter if you want to read the book without preconceptions and fore-knowledge.

The Missing: Found starts out like a book about adoption. Jonah is adopted, but to him it’s no big deal. His parents have been excruciatingly honest with him, retelling his adoption story ad nauseum until Jonah is so comfortable with his origins that he’s a bit embarrassed about how very open and psychologically correct his parents have been. However, almost before the reader realizes the book has changed from a book about adoption to a book about time travel and the danger that lie therein. Or maybe it’s a book about trust and about whom you can trust and about betrayal of trust.

I liked way Ms. Haddix put a twist to time travel and the inherent problems that such travel entails. I liked Ms. Haddix’s characters, typical adolescents thrown into a very atypical situation. I liked the fact that although I saw some plot developments coming, others were a complete surprise. In fact, I had only two minor problems with The Missing: Found: the title, combined as it is with the series title, is awkward, and the sequels aren’t due out until ???

I seriously can’t wait.

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50 thoughts on “The Missing: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

  1. Wow. This one does sound good. It is now on my list of things to read. Sounds like it might be good for the 13 year old perhaps?

  2. I’m dying to read this one – I have so many on my shelf already that it’s hard to go out and get one new like this, but I just might have to… Thanks for the thumbs up (I stopped reading at the spoiler warning).

  3. This book is soooo good. I’m almost done with it and was trying to find the sequel or when it will be released. Does anybody know?!?!?!

  4. I havn’t finished this book yet, but I wanted to know what others thought of it. Does anyone know the Sequel’s title/when it will be out?!?!?!?!

  5. The sequel is called “Sent,” but unfortunately it won’t be out until spring 2009.

  6. I just finished this book and loved it! I will be doing my own review sometime this week, and linking to your review.

    I can’t wait to read the next one!!

  7. My daughter who is almost 13 purchased this at her book fair and finished it in 2 1/2 days! It was great, and she can’t wait until the next one is released!!

  8. I just finished Found and I loved it!! I cant wait until the next book comes out im sure it will be just as good as the first!! I just wish it could come out tomarrow 🙁 Now I cant wait until spring!!!

  9. I just finished found, like Chloe, and I’m really sad there’s no sequel (yet!) It ends on a cliffhanger! Aurgh. Hope the next book is half as good! Ooo, it’s called “Sent”? I’ll keep my eyes open this spring!! 🙂

  10. i just finshed it 2 mins ago i CANT wait tell sent 2 i need to read it but untell then im going to read brisinger it sounds amasing 2.=]

  11. I just finished reading the book myself and I thought it was great! Im 11 years old and since Katherine (A character in the book) was in sixth grade too, I really could relate to her ssituations with family and friends! If you haven’t read this book… Get off your butt and buy it at the book store because it’s worth every penny no matter what age you are! I will check back in a few days if anyone has blogged to answer my questions… Is there a sequel? If so, what is the name? If one is coming out…when and what will it be called? If not … Do you think that they should make one?(Only answer that one if yo uhave already read the book and tell me why you think they should or not comtinue to a second novel because I WOULD LOVE YOUR INPUT!) Thanks alot! -Tally

  12. this book is amazing! i started reading it last wednesday night and on friday afternoon i yelled “done” to everyone in my house! which is really remarkable because i am a notoriously slow reader and normally i hate reading but i just couldn’t put it down! everyone was waiting for me to get done with it because they couldn’t wait for the three hour summary that they will not pay any attention to because i am quite the chatterbox. i cant wait for spring!!! i am about to turn 13 so i really could relate to jonah and chip but i will recommend this book to everyone because it’s just great!!!

  13. i am right in the middle of this book and i didnt know there was another one!!!! i cant wiat!!!!!

  14. Wow, I read this awhile back for a book report, and i’m finishing it now ( Book report) So i’ve been searching some things to refresh my mind, and i found a site saying this book is for 9 year olds! Which is certainly off base im going to say ! Im 13 and i loved this book SO much and cannot wait for the next one! 🙂

  15. That was the best book i have ever read. It was really a good book, I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait until the next book comes out!

  16. This book is so good i have finished reading it. . . the ending is so uexpected but i dont think i should spoil it for u guys, im just waiting for the 2nd book.

  17. this is amazing book and im only 11.i read it in two day!i want the sequel and im getting shadowed children soon.

  18. this is a wicked book and was the best book I ever read I can’t wait till the new book sent comes out this spring.This is a great book and I would reccamend

  19. This book is awesome! I finished this book in less than 24 hours it was so good! If she keeps writing books this good, her series might become as popular or more popular than the Harry Potter books! Of course, that’s my opinion. Read it and decide for yourself!

  20. I read this book and it is AWSOME. Read this book you will not be able to put it down.

  21. I cant wait has anyone found the sequal’s due date if so contact me on You Tube I Am charliebrownxby7 thanks

  22. This book is awsome but i am really bummed out that the next one in the series has not come out yet and i am more bummed out about the ending it wanted to make me read more anyway Harry Potter might have to watch his back cause this book is WAY better

  23. i’m 18 and finished this book in 3 days,(really slow reader)

    it was amazing i loved it, when it was bought me i didn’t think i would like it, but when i started to read it i just couldn’t stop lol, really good.

    i wish the next book was out already.

  24. I KNOW WHEN THE SECOND BOOK COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have read Ms. Haddix’s Shadow Children Series, along with Found. There is a great website (named fantastic fiction) that has info on all the great authors. From looking at this website, I found out when the second book comes out.


    Check in stores and libraries near you to find out the exact date.

    That’s a long time to wait, isn’t it? -Katherine

  25. I just got Found from my school book fair and finished it in less than 24 hours. This book is the best book ever! I can’t wait for book 2, Sent!

  26. I love this book i just started Monday and i am half way down and i don’t read very often either. THanks to my brother.. I love this book

  27. I just love Found, I cant put it down!BTW I cant take it home from school☹ I want to finish it, NOW!!!!!

  28. It took me 2 hours 2 read because I stayed up all night not able to put it down and I’m only 12. One of my favorite books alongside the Twilight series and The Key To Rondo by Emily Rodda.

  29. OMG ! I bought this book from a book fair when it first came out and have been waiting for the sequel to come out. I want it to come out NOW! …. but i guess im
    going to have to wait … 🙁 does any 1 know the exact date of when it comes out? I know it comes out in August BTW !

  30. I’m 10 and love this series. The sequel is coming out on August 25. I know so much about the series. This is because I went to her website: To get a preview on the third book Sabotoged go to this link:,1&SEQ=20090706193051&Search%5FArg=haddix&Search%5FCode=NAME%40&CNT=25&REC=0&RD=0&RC=0&PID=wZlbG9TIP3_h-8IS5QBAtQUld&SID=2. YOu should really explore her website. Theres a lot about the book on it. I got this book from a book fair too.

  31. I’m 11 and finished the 2cnd one in the series yesterday,
    I was 9 when started to read her books.
    9 or 10. :/

  32. I loved FOUND!!! it was sooo good but i have to say Sent was better because there were more parts that just made so excited and you just couldn’t put it down. This is such a great SERIES you have to read it!! My class in 5th grade was reading it out loud and i just had to get the second one!!! It was one of my favorite books you have to read this!!

  33. i loved book 3 i read it in less than 2 days. I cant wait till book 4 comes out. Can anyone give me any info on it plez? I could some.

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