LOST Rehash: The Shape of Things To Come

What I asked:
Why can’t Ben kill Widmore, or vice-versa?

What rules (whose rules) did Widmore violate when his henchman killed Alex? These people live by rules?

Where is Penelope now, and why wouldn’t Ben be able to find her? Is Desmond with her?

Who killed the doctor? And could it be that the doctor really is fine, back on the boat in the past? But the “time warp” made it seem like the Boat People are lying? And made Faraday try to lie?

Why is Ben so attached to Alex since he really isn’t her dad? He doesn’t seem to care about anyone else. Why Alex? Because he raised her? Did he really steal her from Rousseau? Why? Why were Ben’s people taking children in the first place? To replace the surplus population?

And what’s going on at that “temple” with Little Richard and the rest of Ben’s people? And the kids they stole?

How does Ben end up in the Sahara? What is that “thang” Ben used to take out the Bedouins? Whatever it is, he knows how to use it, and it’s lethal.

Wasn’t C.S. Lewis in the desert of Tunisia when we first met her? I can’t remember what it was she found there. Something with a Dharma logo?

Who is Jacob, and why do Ben and Locke have to pay him a visit? Yeah, I know, so that Jacob can tell them what to do next. Why? Why is Hurley the only one who can find Jacob’s cabin now?

Is Locke a total dork? Answer: yes.

Why can’t Widmore find the island in 2005? He seems to have done so once; why not again?

Why did They kill Nadia? What did she have to do with anything? Maybe Ben had her killed just to get Sayid on his team. Ben has an evil smile.

What will happen to my now-favorite characters: Miles, Daniel Faraday, and C.S. Lewis? Oh, I hope, hope, hope, nobody kills them. Even if Faraday is a bad liar.

What I liked:
Bernard knows Morse code. I like Bernard and Rose. I may be the only one who does, but I have a soft spot for both of them.

Sawyer and Hurley playing RISK. Who won that game? I guess it was interrupted.

Hurley’s taking the servant-leadership position again. “Guys, just put down the guns.”

Sawyer’s an old softie. “If you harm one hair on that curly head . . .” I think we can expect Sawyer to do something really cold and self-centered soon just to balance out the the mush. ‘Cause he’s Sawyer, and he can’t allow anyone to think he’s going soft.

Moriarty? Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis, an arch-criminal, head of vast crime syndicate. That’s Ben. (Kerouac also has a character named Dean Moriarty in his book, On the Road, but I prefer A. Conan Doyle’s Moriarty.) However, if we’re going to have to choose between being on Ben’s side or Widmore’s side, I say, “A plague on both their houses.”

Jack will not die of appendicitis.

Claire will die soon. She’s acting kind of like a zombie lately, anyway.

Desmond and Penny will not be reunited because Desmond doesn’t have very good luck.

Sawyer and Locke will fight a civil war over control of the island as soon as The Oceanic Six leave, however they leave.

Faraday and Hurley ought to become friends, but they might kill Faraday off. Which would be sad. Because I like him almost as much as I like Hurley.

I’m glad LOST is back.

3 thoughts on “LOST Rehash: The Shape of Things To Come

  1. I wish the writers would read your list of questions. I hope they’re on their radar screens. I don’t think you’re the only one who likes Bernard and Rose because they’ve been kept around, unlike those two they buried alive once the fans yelled, “Foul!”

    I’d like to think if Sawyer and Locke have a civil war, Sawyer would win. After all, Locke “locked” Sawyer in with whats-his-name and I’ve never forgiven him. I hope Sawyer doesn’t have to do a lot more killing, though. Not good for his emerging soft side.

  2. Great post, Sherry! You’re not the only one asking these questions. I love to read the “Lost” comments on the USA Today Pop Candy blog, the day after each “Lost” episode. People have theories on pretty much all of your questions.

    Some people are theorizing that Ben and Charles can’t kill each other because they are each other’s “constants” in time travel.

    I also love Rose and Bernard, and was so happy to see them resurface (no pun intended. 🙂 I wish Rose was on more. She has obviously aged more than a person would in just a few months, though.

    I do think Claire is not long for this world–or at least, this show. And it really looked like Emilie de Ravin was wearing a wig. I wonder if she’s already changed her hair for a different role?

    I’m not crazy about the new characters, although I do think there’s something appealing about Faraday. It’s hard not to like him.

  3. I think Claire will last awhile–they will just TEASE us because they know we think she dies soon since she didn’t make it off the island but Aaron did. But how in the world did she survive that explosion anyway? It was sweet that Sawyer was being so protective of her. It always makes me laugh when new people show up on the island just to die immediately (like those people who have supposedly been living in the baracks with Locke’s group, but who we have NEVER seen, and they came out just to all get shot by the people from the boat, yet Sawyer ran all over the place and never even got grazed by a bullet).

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