Bellwether by Connie Willis

Coffee shops. Statistics. Management. Sheep. Fads and trends. Anti-smoking activism. Mail delivery. Chaos theory. Rom-com. Romantic Bride Barbie. Duct tape. Post-modern pink.

All of these forces and subjects and more combine and influence and permutate and percolate to form one funny, sweet, and at the same time thoughtful, romantic comedy of a novel. I was charmed. Bellwether is certainly not as meaty or deep as Willis’s other novels, but it might be a good introduction to her work.

Sandy Foster studies fads, how they start and what they mean. She becomes acquainted with fellow HiTek corporation scientist Bennett O’Reilly by accident—a case of mis-delivered mail. As fate and the highly incompetent mail clerk, Flip, continue to throw Sandy and Bennett together, she becomes interested in his seeming immunity to fads. Bennett, oblivious to Sandy’s growing interest, continues to pursue his interest in chaos theory. Can a flock of sheep and a new office assistant help them to truly see each other and achieve equilibrium?

Connie Willis continues to be my favorite living science fiction author. I highly recommend her other novels:

Doomsday Book, reviewed at Semicolon: my first foray into the world of Connie Willis, and her first book in a series about time-traveling historians.

To Say Nothing of the Dog, reviewed at Semicolon: Comedy and time travel in Victorian England.

Blackout and All Clear, reviewed at Semicolon: one book, really, in two volumes. The time-traveling historians visit World War II England.

Passage: about NDE’s or Near Death Experiences.

Her short stories are probably worth checking out too, if you like short stories. I don’t read short stories, unless I have very good reason to believe that the story up for perusal is worth the aggravation of its being so very short. I haven’t read Ms. Willis’s short stories, but she’s such a good author that I may give them a try.

5 thoughts on “Bellwether by Connie Willis

  1. My friend sent me a link to your blog! Oh my. So excited to poke around a bit! I confess to have opening my library page as I have looked around! LOL! So many books, so little time!! 🙂

  2. Sherry, I think you turned me on to Connie Willis when I reviewed Three Men in a Boat. I found To Say Nothing of the Dog clever, witty, and engaging…and I am not a fan of sci-fi.

    Thanks for putting her back on my horizon. I need to check out these other books.

  3. I WILL read Connie Willis before 2014 is history.

    The end. 🙂

  4. I enjoy her short stories lots, and I too am often aggrevated by shortness! So I’d encourage you to try them.

  5. This one was my intro to Connie Willis a few years back – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then went on to love her time travel novels.

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