Children’s Fiction of 2007: The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

Betsy-Bee’s review (Betsy-Bee is also eight years old, just like Clementine):

Clementine is a eight year old girl in third grade. When her teacher announces that they will have a talent show, Clementine thinks that she does not have a talent. But she must not know what talent it is. Her friend, Margaret, who has lots and lots of talents tries to help her, but it was no use (she did them all wrong!). Sometimes I think I do not have a talent, but I really do. (I just do not think hard enough!)

The day before the talent show she tells her mom and dad that she has a big surprise on the talent show, but she could not do what she was going to do. When she gets to the talent show she tells the directors of the show, that she does not have a talent for the show. So when one of the directors has to go, the other one says to Clementine, “Will you help me with the show?”

Clementine refused, but the director insisted. So she did. At the end of the show they clapped for the people in the talent show, then the director came on stage and told everybody who was there that if Clementine was not here there would be no show. And it was Clementine. They gave her a round of applause! When she got home her mom and dad decided to take her with them to a restaurant. You should really read The Talented Clementine today.

The End!

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